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The Best Matcha Lattes In Sydney Cover

The Best Matcha Lattes In Sydney

Matcha. Matcha. Matcha. A staple of life for many in Japan and China. Possessing a ludicrously long list of health benefits, the humble green tea powder has now taken the rest of the world by storm: the #matcha hashtag has been used over two million times on Instagram alone; it’s safe to say that if you still haven’t seen a #matchalatte or #matchapancake floating around, you don’t go out very much. You know how else I know matcha is in vogue? When it’s actually in Vogue. It is timely then, along with the advent of winter, that I cover Sydney’s matcha scene with no better representative than the matcha latte.


Kenroku-en, Kanazawa Castle, Kaiseki Tsuruko

Still Hungry in Kanazawa | Ishikawa, Japan

“Wait, Five days in Kanazawa? Where’s that? What can you even do there? Why haven’t I even heard of this place?”

Such were the thoughts that ran through my head when I was recommended to visit Kanazawa, a small city of just half a million people, and one of Japan’s most underrated cities in the Chubu region.

Date last visited: March 2016
Known for: seafood & kaga vegetables, gold leaf products, the Kenroku-en Garden

Where: Maps


Korean Banquet Showcase – Introduction to Korean Alcohol

The Korean Cultural Centre‘s mission is, in their own words: to enlighten and entertain through quality contemporary and traditional cultural content, in order to strengthen the emotional bond between Australia and Korea. Every year the Office hosts a banquet showcase, and the theme for this year’s showcase was Korean alcohol – what better way to experience Korean culture than via its world-famous brews? I’ll drink to that – wihayeo (위하여 – cheers!).

Date of event: 18/11/2016 (more…)

Night Noodle Markets 2016

[Continuously Updated] Night Noodle Markets 2016 | Sydney Hyde Park

Yep, it’s that time of the year again – the Sydney Night Noodle Markets are back at Hyde Park!

Like previous years (2015, 2014), I’ll give a coverage of what’s hot and what’s not. This post will be continuously updated until I say otherwise – so keep checking back! Alternatively, if you’re the lazy type, follow the #ISHNNM2016 hashtag on Instagram 🙂

Date Last Visited: 13/10/2016 08/10/2016 07/10/2016 
Address: Sydney Hyde Park
Price Guide (approx): $7-$15 per item



Menulog Turns 10 (and $10 off your next order!)

When I turned ten years old, in China, I got a red pocket to celebrate my first double-digit age milestone without too many broken bones. There wasn’t much in there, but it allowed me to go full glutton over my favourite street eats. Such opportunities were considered a luxury back then – that red pocket made my week.

Now, food delivery service Menulog has also hit the gong on this momentous occasion: the oldest and largest food ordering system in Australia has just turned ten, but instead of spending lavishly on itself, they’ve decided to spread the love to us all – read on to find out more!


Best Burgs in Sydney Cover

The Best Burgers in Sydney

Hi! You may know me as the guy who brought you the series on the best ramen in Sydney. Why, welcome back dear reader! Looks like you and I share quite the discerning palate of carbs and fat, the source of any balanced diet.

Here’s the deal folks. For the ramen post, I covered seventeen ramen joints. That’s not exhaustive, but it was a start. I’ve upped the ante this time round, because I’m both an overachiever and a masochist, with arteries that somehow manage to remain relatively lipid-free. This time, I’m going to cover thirty burger restaurants.

Did I stutter, or are you going to wipe the stunned look off your face and click through?


Kaiseki Cover

What is Kaiseki – An Introduction

Well, here we are folks. After 19 days fooding (and fooling) around in Japan, you saw this coming. Yes, it’s time to do the hard yards and blog about the whole darn thing. I just hope I can get it done while the year still starts with a 2.

There will be two parts to the “Japan Chronicles”, as I’ve just decided to call it. Firstly, there are sixteen restaurants that will receive their own, dedicated blog posts. The reason being that these are substantive experiences, featuring a wide array of courses that require their own space. Additionally I will, for the first time, introduce a series of travel posts that will outline my trip more generally, including Japan’s non-food highlights. Why? Because I love the country, and hell, I want you to know why.

You know how I said there’d be two parts? I lied – this post is the standalone third aspect, and one I believe is necessary. It’s as the title says – an introduction to kaiseki. No joke, this post is well and truly needed, as a disproportionate number of them I’ll be publishing are about kaiseki restaurants. If however you’re already familiar with kaiseki, feel free to move right along. If you’re staying, here’s the deal: there are plenty of resources, online and offline, that offer a wealth of information into what kaiseki is all about. I’ll try and keep it simple, and explain it using my own words. Yeah…that could be a bad thing – read on and find out!


Noma Australia Cover

Noma Australia | Barangaroo, Sydney

Rene Redzepi. A man who can be described in a series of soundbites that are as truthful as they are extraordinary and hype-generating: the most influential chef in the world; a pioneer in sustainable methods of foraged cooking; one of the greatest cooks in the world, a man for whom legends like Ferran Adria draw inspiration; the master of Noma in Copenhagen, a restaurant that has won more accolades than any other on the face of this planet. Two Michelin stars, four-time best restaurant in the world, it’s probably somewhere you’ve wanted to go. It’s hard to believe that Redzepi managed to reach such a level of reverence at only the age of 37.

Now here’s the problem – Noma is in Copenhagen. It’s not easy to organise a trip halfway across the world just to eat at a restaurant (though I’ve certainly done that before), and with news of Noma’s closure at the end of 2016, I had to accept the fact that I would miss out on this golden nugget of culinary history.

At least, until I scored a reservation at Noma’s 10-week pop-up in Sydney’s Barangaroo. Let’s just say confetti was involved.

Date Last Visited: 28/1/16
Address: 23 Barangaroo Rd, New South Wales 2146


MLC Food Centre Cover

MLC Food Centre | Martin Place, Sydney

Food courts: the quick feed, the sole choice for fickle diners, the option of last resort? Is this the kind of rap they get? Nobody’s expecting hatted dining here. Food courts are great – there’s usually something for everyone, prices are generally reasonable, and most importantly, they’re a quick option. They have their place.

Of course, like everything else, food courts (or food centres if you want to get all schmancy on me) must roll with the times. Indeed, one of the biggest shifts in food hall renovation has been occurring a mere two-minute walk from my workplace.

Of course, I speak of the MLC Centre food court. AKA my local, and I could barely recognise it post-facelift!

Date Last Visited: 25/9/15 (multiple visits)
Address: Corner King St & Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000

Sydney Night Noodle Markets 2015

[Continuously Updated] Sydney Night Noodle Markets 2015

Oops, it looks like you’re in the wrong year! If you’re looking for my 2016 coverage of the Night Noodle Markets, click here! If you want to relive some old memories, feel free to read on!

Folks, it’s that time of the year again. It’s time to get your slurp on for Sydney Good Food Month’s highlight event!

Although, if you’ve read my coverage on 2014 & 2013‘s iterations on the Sydney Night Noodle Markets, you’ll quickly pick up the irony at how few noodle dishes I actually consumed. Thing is, the NNM is all about three things: atmosphere (company), variety, and last but just as important – novelty. With that in mind, my coverage will try and cover primarily whacky/must-try dishes that may not be easily obtained elsewhere.

Naturally, I will still pay lip service to a few old favourites –  nothing wrong with a little bit familiar comfort! Now, let’s get reporting – your unofficial but hopefully super-comprehensive guide to the Night Noodle Markets – to be frequently updated!

Date Last Visited: 17/10/15
Address: Hyde Park, Sydney
Recommended Dishes: see post for highlights