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Impromptu Dining Cover

Impromptu Dining | Potts Point

The struggle of aimlessly drifting along mazes supermarkets call “aisles”; struggling to absorb impenetrable food label jargon; eyeing down that seemingly tempting $7.5 for 3 bunch of Asian veg yet refusing to admit that half of it will spoil. And then there’s the act of cooking itself – what a BOTHER. Wouldn’t it be nice to throw caution to the wind, clear your mind, and take yourself to Impromptu Dining where everything’s taken care for you?



Menulog Turns 10 (and $10 off your next order!)

When I turned ten years old, in China, I got a red pocket to celebrate my first double-digit age milestone without too many broken bones. There wasn’t much in there, but it allowed me to go full glutton over my favourite street eats. Such opportunities were considered a luxury back then – that red pocket made my week.

Now, food delivery service Menulog has also hit the gong on this momentous occasion: the oldest and largest food ordering system in Australia has just turned ten, but instead of spending lavishly on itself, they’ve decided to spread the love to us all – read on to find out more!


Create Your Taste Cover

Create Your Taste | McDonald’s

Oh, how very “UnMcdonald’s” this is.

A review of McDonald’s new Create Your Taste burgers!

By now, you’ve seen or heard it all – TV ads, radio spots, even the MasterChef AU sponsorship. McDonald’s has always been at the forefront of the food scene, even as they’re the most commoditised name in the food industry, and constantly taking the most flak for being the “option of last resort” when it comes to eating out. Honestly, even though I haven’t visited a McDonald’s willingly for some time, I admire the effort – I would have shut my doors ages ago were it my business, that’s for sure.

Even when the Create Your Taste campaign came along, I wasn’t particularly sold. To be sure, I like Maccas, and I know a lot of food enthusiasts do too. However, I never found the food to be “worth visiting” in light of Sydney’s food panacea. But you know what? I can’t judge if I haven’t tried, right? And so, for the first time, I find myself creating a burger to call my very own.

Date Last Visited: 25/7/15
Store Sampled: McDonald’s Menai – Cnr Allison Crescent & McMahon Place, Menai NSW 2234 (


Cuckoo Callay Cover

Cuckoo Callay [New Menu] | Newtown

For my latest post on Cuckoo Callay, please head here!

When Cuckoo Callay first shot through an invite to their Bacon Festival (yes, it totally happened and I didn’t just imagine it), I actually contemplated on saying no. If there were ever a time to torch my inbox with hate mail, that would have been it. Thankfully, I was made to see the light, thereupon getting myself porked on eight bacon dishes. In other words, a normal Saturday.

Now, the bacon festival is over. A sad day for sure, however fret not – where there’s a Yin, there must be Yang. Cuckoo Callay’s new menu has arrived, and with my crew Isaac @ iFat, Anna @ Polyphagia & the Lady in tow, we were set to create our own festival right there on the table. It may be a bit Cuckoo, but it’s right up my all-ay.

Date Last Visited: 20/6/15
Address: 324b Newtown Train Station, Newtown, NSW
Recommended Dish(es): trout pout, pop goes the chicken, rice rice baby