Invitations Disclaimer

As per section 3.1 of my Media Policy, I do not accept restaurant invitations. However, there may be the once-in-a-blue-moon occasion when I do receive an invitation and have chosen to accept, or have received non-monetary benefits that was unasked for. An example would a restaurant visit that ended up with me receiving a free dish (say, because I was recognised as a food blogger).

In such cases, I will refer to this section in the interests of full transparency.

  1. I (and possible guests) was invited, free of charge or cost-subsidised, to the event/restaurant/travel experience. In all cases, the exact nature of compensation will be disclosed in the post itself.
  2. Any commentary in such posts is strictly my own, based on what I personally experienced at the event. There exists the very real possibility that I was furnished with special treatment, whether materially or otherwise, and which I may otherwise not have known had I been in attendance as a ‘normal customer’. Instances where I suspect that this has occurred will be noted in the post.
  3. I blog for my readers, not the industry.

If you have any questions about anything on this page (or anything really), feel free to drop a comment or an email!