Media Policy

1. Audience

For all PR agencies, media companies, and restaurants that wish to contact me regarding sponsored reviews, sponsored posts and sponsored events.

2. The Vision

I’m Still Hungry exists to provide in-depth, objective reviews and travel recounts with mouth-watering pictures. It sounds simple, and that’s exactly the way it’s meant to be. As such, the below media policy is about as simple as it gets.

3. Media Policy

3.1 Requests to review a restaurant

I do not accept requests to review a restaurant. This applies regardless of whether or not compensation is involved. If I am invited to a restaurant, please understand that I am under zero obligation to review, or to even provide social media coverage. This is done at my own discretion. Regardless, any such coverage (or review, if given at my discretion) will be clearly disclosed across all media formats.

3.2 Requests to review products

I do not review products. Social media coverage of products is not guaranteed. Please refrain from sending me products if you expect a review or social media coverage. Any such coverage is completely at my own discretion.

3.3 Sponsored Posts

I’m Still Hungry is a personal project, where my own perspectives is the unique draw-card driving the blog. I sincerely believe that readers visit the site to read about¬†my take on a restaurant/travel experience. Any editorial content written by a different author will inevitably and unavoidably be incongruous with the blog’s overall voice.

As such, I do not accept/publish sponsored posts for any price or under any condition.