Media Policy

1. Audience

For all restaurants, tourism boards and their associated PR agencies that wish to contact me regarding restaurant invitations, sponsored travel and so on.

2. The Vision

I’m Still Hungry exists to provide in-depth, objective* reviews and travel recounts with mouth-watering pictures. It sounds simple, and that’s exactly the way it’s meant to be. The media policy reflects this.

3. Media Policy

3.1 Requests to review a restaurant

I do not accept requests to review restaurants, regardless of compensation.

This will seem restrictive; however, I value being as unconflicted as humanly possible**. After all, I write for my readers, not restauranteurs. While every blogger (yours truly included) will claim that they are expressing their own opinion, the simple existence of compensation moves the dial. Even if it doesn’t, the perception of conflicts of interest can matter just as much.

There is one circumstance under which I will accept a restaurant invitation: informal menu consultation. While I write for readers, I am more than happy to give feedback on a restaurant experience, and thus will accept invitations of this nature. The key difference is that there can be no obligation of social media coverage unless I choose to post at my discretion.

I do accept invitations to events that do not directly go towards the aim of recommending (or recommending against) a certain restaurant. However, this is a rare occurrence, and in all cases will be denoted by clear disclosure statements with all posted media.

3.2 Requests to review products

I do not review products – edible or otherwise. Please refrain from sending me products unless these are done in complete good faith with no strings attached. Social media coverage, if any, will be provided at my own discretion.

3.3 Sponsored / Guest Posts

I’m Still Hungry is a personal project, where my own perspectives forms the voice of the blog. Readers visit the site to read about my take on a given experience, not that of somebody else’s, or that of generic promotional material. By definition, content written by a different author, no matter the subject, is inevitably incongruous with the blog.

As such, I do publish sponsored posts, links or any other types of content.

3.4 Sponsored Travel

I accept requests for sponsored travel for which the focus is holistic, and isn’t a single, or limited set of restaurants. Requests will be considered on a case by case basis, mostly dependent on alignment with my ways of working and brands I believe in. Areas on which I cannot compromise are creative freedom and honest feedback.


*I understand that in hospitality and especially food, there is no such thing as true objectivity. We are all shaped by our experiences and as such will come to different conclusions. Let’s not split hairs over this.

**As with the above, it is not possible to be 100% unconflicted – especially if I deal with restaurants operated by people with whom I have become friendly. Any actual relationship or financial conflict with any restaurant or that restaurant’s operators – if that ever happens – will be explicitly disclosed.