The Usual Disclaimer

Ars Justus

If you’ve been linked here, then you must have been reading a post for which this disclaimer applies. Here it is, in full:

  1. I’m Still Hungry (and any guests, if applicable) were invited, free of charge, to the event/restaurant/function. Any deviations (such as partial compensations, etc.) will be disclosed in the post.
  2. Any commentary on service or the overall quality of the experience are strictly what I experienced at the event. There exists the very real possibility that my guests and myself were furnished with special treatment, whether materially or otherwise. Instances where I suspect that this has occurred will be noted in the post. Thus, do not take service comments with 100% confidence. With that said, service is usually never 100% consistent anyway.
  3. As the sole owner and contributor to I’m Still Hungry, a guarantee is provided by me, Michael Shen, that all comments on the quality of the food remain completely my own, irrespective of the event/restaurant/function and certainly irrespective of the treatment I received. There will be absolutely no sugarcoating, unless I feel that there is reasonable exception which deserves mentioning (e.g. the restaurant just opened and are experiencing from teething issues). Ultimately, I blog for my readers, not for the industry. Any reasonable establishment should be able to take constructive criticism, head on.
  4. Some posts may be on restaurant openings/launches. As such, these should not be treated in the same vein as a review of a regular restaurant visit. The logistics and service, often even the food, differs. Thus think of them as more a recount, rather than a review.

The condensed version:

I was invited to eat for free (or provided some kind of compensation), but my comments remain completely honest and my own. Any treatment I receive may not be reflective of the experience of the average diner.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are treated similarly to reviews that have been sponsored. In other words, the above disclaimer applies equally effectively to sponsored posts. In addition:

I only write about brands/items that I like, find interesting, or at worst, have a neutral opinion towards. If I have even the slightest doubt that promoting the brand/good/service is harmful or not in the best interests of my readers, I will not host or write the post. On the flip side, if you, the reader are not interested, you can always click away to many of my other reviews, instead of criticising the existence of the post. There’s enough vitriol on the internet as is.

As for any potential issues with factual accuracy/opinion swaying? Keep in mind that sponsored posts do usually have the motive of incentivising the purchase of a good/service. This is a part of life. Any factual inaccuracies will naturally be checked, but opinions and flowery language are promoted – we all want to have a good read, even if it’s sometimes an ad!

And that’s how I remain impartial!

Cheers 😀