The Usual Disclaimer

Ars Justus

If you’ve been linked here, you must have been reading a post to which this disclaimer applies. Here it is, in full:

  1. I’m Still Hungry (and any guests, if applicable) were invited, free of charge, to the event/restaurant/function. Any deviations to this (such as partial compensation or monetary compensation, etc.) will be disclosed in the post. Given my Media Policy, you will find these to be few and far in between.
  2. Any commentary on service or the overall quality of the experience are strictly what I experienced at the event. There exists the very real possibility that my guests and myself were furnished with special treatment, whether materially or otherwise. Instances where I suspect that this has occurred will be noted in the post. Thus, do not take service comments with 100% confidence. With that said, service is usually never 100% consistent anyway.
  3. As the sole owner and contributor to I’m Still Hungry, all commentary on the experience completely my own, irrespective of the event/restaurant/function and certainly irrespective of the treatment I received. I blog for my readers, not the industry.

The condensed version:

I was invited to eat for free (or provided some kind of compensation), but my comments remain completely honest and my own. If you read my media policy, you will understand why you can trust my word. Any treatment I receive may not be reflective of the experience of the average diner.

Cheers 😀