Night Noodle Markets 2014 | Sydney

Oops, it looks like you’re in the wrong year! If you’re looking for my 2016 coverage of the Night Noodle Markets, click here! If you want to relive some old memories, feel free to read on! 

Ah, so it’s that time of the year again. October, the month where the amount my wallet lightens is proportional to my expanding waistline. It’s like eating money, except more delicious, because I’m eating food bought with said money.

Hurray for a laboured introduction, right? Well, Good Food Month has been going on for nearly half of October now. If you don’t know what that is, you are either not a Sydneysider or you have no taste buds. While the number of events is staggering, one of the more recognisable receptions that even non-foodies can’t avoid hearing about is the Night Noodle Markets. The theme is essentially Asian hawker, with 50+ stalls this year all vying to win a piece of your stomach capacity. Oh, and that wallet.

Last year, I made the terrible mistake of putting up my post on the Night Noodle Markets after the event had finished. My legendary propensity to be late really bit me hard on that one. I won’t make that mistake again – be prepared for a live post! Check back here for updates, or follow me on any social media platform for announcements. I’ll be hitting up this place a LOT.

Date Last Visited: October 2014
Address: Hyde Park, Sydney
Recommended Dish(es): read post for details

For the record, updates to this post will be made in reverse order. Thus the latest updates will be shown first.

As per the course since 2012, I attempted to abide by my philosophy of venturing off the beaten track – avoiding stuff like get-it-anywhere dim sum or every-other-street-corner chow mien joints, and funnily enough the result was pretty much anything BUT a noodle dish. For now, at least.

Visits 5 & 6 – 21 & 22/10/14

The finale – some old, some new, mostly awesome. The way it’s meant to be.

Gelato Messina

In my slow but sure quest to conquer all four of Messina’s flavours, I tried out the Phuc Khing Tasty. The name isn’t exactly G-rated, so I wonder what parents will do when deciding on a flavour for their kids. Hmm….

…these are the things I think about while waiting in a line.

Gelato Messina Night Noodle Markets

Phuc Khing Tasty – cinnamon scroll, coffee gelato, condensed milk pannacotta, walnut crunch, asian spiced cookie ($9)

After my disappointing experience with the Street Hawker flavour (search for it below in the post), I’m glad to report that the Phuc Khing Tasty is indeed…well…Phuc Khing Tasty. The textures are all spot on – the walnut crunch is addictive, the coffee gelato is surprisingly moreish (being partial towards coffee helps), and that condensed milk panna cotta tastes really nice! It reminded me of banana, and that really tickles my fancy.

In short, this dessert is definitely up my alley. Yes, it also gets rich after awhile, but I was actually able to finish this without feeling too terrible. My seal of approval to this one.

Would I Get This Again: happy to!


This is the fourth time I’ve been to Wonderbao, and yes, I admit I have a problem.

Wonderbao Night Noodle Markets

I have a problem, but I need no intervention. 3x twice-cooked pork belly gua bao ($20 for 3, $7.5ea)

But when you’re looking at the prospect of delicious, delicious gua bao, it’s a crime to say no. The most prime example of something that doesn’t need fixing in all of the Night Noodle Markets.

Besides, the venerable Chocolatesuze even works here – as if that doesn’t instill the confidence required to brave the (admittedly long queues) for these parcels of heaven? Suffice it to say, I have an addiction and in no way need to be cured of it.

Would I Get This Again: three times isn’t enough to convince you?

Izakaya Den & Poklol

I maintain that Korean Tacos and the Den Fried Chicken are still some of the winners at this year’s Night Noodle Markets. Crispy and juicy, the chicken is all sorts of yum. I needn’t describe it much more because – fried chicken – come on!

Poklol Izakaya Den Night Noodle Markets

Korean tacos (bulgogi beef, chilli pork & chilli chicken – $20 for 3), Den fried chicken (large – $14)

As for the Korean Tacos, I finally managed to try the bulgogi beef and chilli chicken flavours.

Confirmed: Poklol is continuing to win my heart. First with banh mi, now with this. When are you guys setting up a proper store?

Would I Get These Again: already repeat offenders

Hoy Pinoy

Yep, we got four more skewers, but I forgot to take a picture! Suffice it to say – get these. Fellow brogger (bro blogger????) RamenRaff who’s Filo himself enlightened me that the secret glaze they use to bring out that deliciously sweet flavour is banana ketchup!

I haven’t even heard of the stuff before but I’m instantly glad it exists in this world Hoorah!

Would I Get This Again: bring on the sweet banana ketchup!


I had completely passed “Fuh” (a play on Vietnamese Pho) on my previous visits. They definitely do not escape my attention this time with a massive banner reading “$2 Fuh”. Yeah, I’m a sucker for cheap tricks but I knew what I was getting into.

Night Noodle Markets

I admit – the marketing could not be better

Clearly, I have way too much time in my life, and I was in this queue for a good 15 minutes. All for…

Night Noodle Markets

I can’t complain for $2

A pot of pho that’s not even as wide as my palm. Ok, fair enough – what were you expecting for $2? I can understand this. An attention grabber for sure, and it most definitely worked.

On the plus side, it actually tastes pretty damn good! Once more, given the weather’s been pretty chilly lately, a bowl of hot pho is really, really hard to beat. If you’ve got the time, may as well join the line!

Would I Get This Again: for $2, why not? Not worth the queuing though

Gelato Messina (LOL)

Gelato Messina Night Noodle Markets

Happy Taste Bud Time – lychee sponge, mango puree, rambutan & coconut gelato, whipped salted coconut cream, coconut macaron ($9)

It was a long and difficult journey, but I got there in the end. Yes, the final Gelato Messina flavour. I’m happy to conclude that the disappointing situation with the Street Hawker flavour is an outlier – the Happy Taste Bud Time is as good as the Phuc Khing Tasty. In this case, the gelato is refreshing, along the lines of the Bangkok Holla. The macaron (which is that huge half shell) has bundles of sweetness to keep the rush going, and the mango puree maintains a fruity element to it all.

I’m not a fan of the cream, but I disparage cream in general, so I just scooped it out. Other than that, worthy of the purchase.

Would I Get This Again: sans cream, yes!


Longrain Night Noodle Markets

One of everything, please

For something completely unexpected, I decided to close off with whatever goodness the two-hatted Longrain could produce. Having just been to David Thompson’s Nahm at Quay event (sorry, this one’s an Instagram special!), I was hankering for a bit more of a Thai fix.

Longrain Night Noodle Markets

Green curry of Murray Valley pork on crispy noodles ($15)

Crispy noodles and succulent pork make the headlines of the green curry of Murray Valley pork. While the dish looks good on paper and in person, the taste was overall quite flat. There was no tang, no tartness, almost no spiciness. Basically everything that makes a Thai dish Thai was…not there.

With all of that said, we still finished it because the texture of the crispy noodles was quite nice. But we’re just eating for mouthfeel at this point. Not particularly appetising.

Longrain Night Noodle Markets

Spiced chicken w/turmeric rice & a chilli + mint relish ($15)

The spiced chicken w/turmeric fared a little bit better, in that the chicken was somewhat flavoursome, and the rice was very well cooked. For once, I felt no guilt eating the rice just by itself – though that was a function of there being far too little chicken compared to the rice.

Overall, it was still a bit disappointing as it lacked the fieriness (both literal and figurative) of Thai food. I was really surprised, as this was twice in a row! Surely the flavours of these dishes were not dumbed down for a wider palate?

Longrain Night Noodle Markets

Lamb Croquettes ($6 ea)

The last dish we got from Longrain were the potato & lamb curry croquettes. I wasn’t sure what made these Thai, but they did taste  better than the previous dishes. Fluffy potato, a good deal of lamb which was had the slightest hint of spiciness. These were decent, but I could only eat one. They are very heavy.

Longrain Night Noodle Markets

Quad damage – plus pho

You may be wondering what the pho is doing there – don’t bother. It was from the stall two to the left of Longrain. I forgot the name but I wouldn’t recommend getting the pho from there. It is literally the worst pho I have ever had.

Yeah, I know, harsh words for sure. But, I’m technically not slandering – the words “worst pho I have ever had” is a factual statement from my point of view. The soup was bland, the noodles were short and tasteless, and the meat was chewy and of course, bland. No deal!

Would I Get These Again: not particularly

Longrain Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

 Visit 4 – 17/10/14

This visit was a doozy, hoorah to the power of multiple people!


I did say I would get it again, and I’m true to my word!

Wonderbao Night Noodle Markets

That gua bao pack…good to eat over and over ($20 for 3, $7.5ea)

There is a place in Sydney called Belly Bao which does bao of similar quality. Unfortunately, they’re only at the Paddington Markets. Set up a store in Sydney’s CBD and I’ll gladly give you all my money. Same with Wonderbao!

You hear me????

Would I Get This Again: if already twice, why not thrice?

Izakaya Den

If you read about my third visit, you may have noticed that Izakaya Den also serves a “Den Fried Chicken”. Now, whenever you’re talking fried chicken, you’ve got my attention.

Thing is, there are so many kinds of fried chicken that one would have to be quite choosy given one’s available stomach capacity.

Izakaya Den Night Noodle Markets

Den fried chicken (small $8, large $14) pictured: large

I have no problems stuffing my gullet with Den’s Fried Chicken though! First up: consume immediately. I waited about ten minutes and the chicken went down to a tepid temperature. Never waiting for friends again.

That said, I could tell it was good – the skin is very crunchy as opposed to crumbly, but it wasn’t ever too oily. The inclusion of Kewpie is as delicious as it is mandatory for Japanese fried chicken.

Izakaya Den Night Noodle Markets

Surprisingly tasty

Izakaya Den on Urbanspoon

This was a ‘large’ serving, but it will always be ‘small’ to me. You could never get enough.

Would I Get This Again: gotta get some more JFC lovin’

Jackie M Malaysian

So I finally got my first noodle dish. Sheesh, that took long enough. As other bloggers always go on about how good her Char Kway Teow is (and uhh, having had it last year myself), I decided to not fix what isn’t broken.

Jackie M Malaysian Night Noodle Markets

Seafood CKT ($16)

There’s no doubt about it – paying $16 (or $14 for the chicken version) is expensive for CKT, but when I found out that renting a stall at Night Noodle Markets can cost as much as $2000 a day…I suddenly became a lot more sympathetic.

Putting price aside (and really, you must put price aside otherwise you will detest every bite), it’s a great CKT. Once again, I get comments all the time from purists who go “it’s better here, it’s not authentic because of this” – and once again to that I say…

…well I don’t say anything. I don’t care. The bowl in front of me tastes great, and I’ve got no particular complaints, other than that the noodles are cut a bit short, so it was almost easier to eat with a spoon than with chopsticks. That could definitely use some work!

Would I Get This Again: CKT in general? Hell yes. For $16? Not as such.


Poklol was one of my favourite new discoveries from the 2012 Night Noodle Markets. Their innovative takes on traditional banh mi won my heart, and I prayed that they would be here this year.

Poklol Night Noodle Markets

Welcome home Poklol

Solid. Except, they’re not doing banh mi! I was disappointed, but when I saw Korean Tacos on the menu, my curiosity could not help itself. And so…

Poklol Night Noodle Markets

Bulgogi beef, chilli chicken & chilli pork tacos (2 for $12, 3 for $17)

You can thank my friends for this feast that lies before us. Still, makes for a pretty awesome photo 😛

Poklol korean taco Night Noodle Markets

Da beef

I only ended up trying the chilli pork one, but it was delicious. Even the taco bread, while not served warm, was moreish. Korean meat is never, ever boring. It has never, ever disappointed me and if I exercise discretion, it’s likely it never, ever will.

Definitely get one or two or twenty of these tacos. I’ll be back for the chicken and beef flavours for sure.

Poklol korean taco Night Noodle Markets

Dat pork

Would I Get This Again: likely

One Tea Bar & Grill

You probably saw this coming the first time I wrote about the rice burger. The combo of pork rib and rice patty was unbeatable. So I conducted a thought experiment: what would it be like with a beef patty?

Rice burger Night Noodle Markets

The rice burger w/beef patty ($13.5)

Please, my food-related thought experiments always end up becoming reality.

Unfortunately, this was nowhere near as good as the pork rib variant. The patty was just too bland. I felt like I could make it at home from store-bought mince. There was little seasoning, and it was dry and crumbly.

My recommendation for the pork rib patty solidifies: this one is probably the best! GO GET IT.

Would I Get This Again: not this particular version

So…what haven’t I had? Well, I still need to revisit Hoy Pinoy, and I’m keen to try out some Taiwanese stuff as well. That’s right, the updates will keep on coming. SOLDIER ON PEOPLE. SOLDIER ON!

Visit 3 – 14/10/14

Visit 3 was a short one, being that it was a pit stop on the way to Chinese class. Two dishes to mention here.

Izakaya Den

Izakaya Den Night Noodle Markets

Their stall – it’s on the left-most side of the markets looking towards St Mary’s Cathedral

Like Wonderbao, Izakaya Den also hails from Melbourne and have been kind enough to set up a stall at this year’s Night Noodle Markets. There’s a few things on offer, but given I was only after a bit of a snack before class, I decided to grab the Oden – vegetable hot pot

Izakaya Den night noodle markets

Oden – vegetable hot pot w/egg, carrot, daikon, tofu & dash of mustard ($14)

Sure, there’s no meat you say. Yes, I’m practically violating my own food policy, but given that this dish is actually quite good that all goes out the window. I highly recommend getting Oden when the weather is chilly, as this is a very warm (nearly hot) dish that’s extremely hearty. Ever had Sukiyaki hot pot? This is like drinking its soup. Delicious umami all around with a kick from the mustard. It can get a bit salty, though the portion is not too big. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

One downside of the dish is that it’s pretty expensive for what it is – at $14 for something I can cup in my hand and contains no meat…it’s a tough pill to swallow. In fact, everything else I’ve had at the markets has so far been cheaper.

I have a post ready to go on the original Izakaya Den in Melbourne, so stay tuned!

Would I Get This Again: no, price-prohibited

Bao Stop

Wonderbao isn’t the only bao purveyor in town. A contender comes in the form of Bao Stop. Admittedly these guys came out of the left field for me – I knew practically nothing about them until I showed up at their stall.

Bao Stop Night Noodle Markets

This stall is only a few stalls down from Izakaya Den

Their menu includes the usual bao items, but my stomach capacity forced my interest on just one particular item – the lobster roll.

bao stop night noodle markets

Lobster roll – lobster, sweet chilli, coriander ($9)

Yeah, it’s small – barely the size of my wrist. For $9 you say? Keep in mind there’s at least 20-30g of lobster meat here, so $9 is something I can swallow – provided it tastes fabulous.

Unfortunately, the lobster was overcooked. The poaching clearly went a bit too far, with several parts of the meat being particularly difficult to chew. The allegedly sweet chilli sauce lacked the chilli zing at all, so it mostly tasted like a tomato sauce to me. The bun was nice though – one redeeming quality.

Would I Get This Again: no

night noodle markets

Decent snack to go!

That’s all for this update – more to come!

Visit 2 – 13/10/14

One Tea Bar & Grill – The Rice Burger

Rice/ramen burger Night Noodle Markets

Ahhh, the memories

You know where this is going.

Last year, we were introduced to a particularly interesting mutant food fad – the ramen burger. My 2012 Night Noodle Markets post contains the details. Suffice to say, it was along the lines of “interestingly delicious, but I wouldn’t pay $13.5 to have it again”.

This year, the ramen burger returns, but we have a newcomer in the form of the rice burger. Boo at me all you want, but wouldn’t you rather me try out this apparent X-food than you shelling out your hard-earned?

Because I love you guys, I took it upon myself to see what the fuss behind this burger is all about, just like for the ramen burger. I was also a little curious, as the queues started before the Night Noodle Markets even opens. I’m lucky to get to the markets at around 5:05, and yes, there were already 12 orders in front of me (I later found out I’m order number 13).

Ramen rice burger Night Noodle Markets

This was at the tender time of 5:30…

Yes, I’m clearly a sucker for punishment, lining up like this just for a fad food that may not even be very good.

Twenty five minutes(!!!) later, the stall finally opened – late, I might add. A 5:30pm opening when official start of the Night Noodle Markets is 5pm is a tough pill to swallow.

Rice ramen burger Night Noodle Markets

The rice burger – rice patties, “tendrous” pork ribs w/spicy soy sauce (choice of beef, chicken or vego available) – $13.5

My numerous reproaches aside, I was wondering if I would even like this burger.

Turns out, holy moly. This is probably one of the top three things I’ve eaten at this year’s Night Noodle Markets. Remember I’m Asian so I’m going to be a bit biased here.

See, it’s the rice patty. It’s browned to the extent that Mr Maillard should have named his effect after discovering it from this patty. An excellent crispiness that’s imbued with sweetness and that slight edge of burn. The pork rib is what really sealed the deal for me – it truly is “tendrous”, succulent and delicious pork. The sauce is generous, which makes sense as the rice needs it, as is the amount of flavour.

When you think about it, it’s essentially pork ribs with a side of rice – presented in a different way. In that sense, it’s no surprise the burger tastes so good.

The downsides: you can’t actually eat this like a proper burger – the rice will break apart. The patties aren’t that strong. You also may get different results with the choice of other patties – I think the pork rib is the only one that’s less a patty and more broken pieces of pork. Funnily enough I think that actually works better. Don’t get the beef/chicken and go telling me it sucks!

Would I Get This Again: yes, definitely.


Yep, I went back to Woolfy’s. Sharp readers may have noticed a banh mi dog on their menu in addition to their regular and Pad Thai dog. My stomach capacity is finite but evidently my return visits are not. Thus: MINEEEE.

Woolfy's Night Noodle Markets

The banh mi dog – basically a hot dog in every other way except with banh mi vegetables.

When it comes down to it, this dog is much tastier than the Pad Thai dog. While the latter is more inventive and interesting, the lack of sauce was what let it down. Not so with the banh mi dog – there’s plenty of spicy mayo to keep the fun going. The sausage is the same kind which means it’s great. I’d have liked to see a variety on that front though.

The downside? It really shouldn’t be called a banh mi dog – the only aspect that’s remotely like banh mi is the inclusion of chopped vegetables. And nope, they aren’t pickled very much. The bun is also a hot dog bun and not a Viet bread roll, and of course, there’s no pate. Not really banh mi at all.

Do I care? A little bit yes, but only a little – flavour always wins in the end.

Would I Get This Again: no, it’s very delicious but I don’t need to eat a ubiquitous item twice.

Gelato Messina

Heh, there’s just no rest for me, is there? Diet is not on the cards when it’s October, that’s for sure.

It’s almost as if I’m determined to try each Messina flavour hmmm…..

Gelato Messina Night Noodle Markets

The Street Hawker – lime & chocolate brownie, peanut gelato, coconut & caramel jam, fortune cookie clusters, peanut cookie ($9)

In any case, the Street Hawker was my pick of the day. Unfortunately in record time, I had to hand over the award to the Bangkok Holla. This particular flavour was just not that great – the peanut gelato was somewhat flat, there was too much creaminess in the jam, and the bottom cookie base was too heavy and difficult to lift out of the cup. I didn’t actually finish the base – the first and hopefully last time I discard a Messina item!

Gelato Messina Night Noodle Markets

Backside view – that crunch sure is delicious, even if the rest of it was a letdown

There was one redeeming quality – the peanut crunch. That was incredibly addictive. I wouldn’t have minded just a tub of that instead of the gelato, to be honest.

Would I Get It Again: thanks, but no thanks.

And that finishes off visit #2! Stay tuned for further updates!

Visit 1 – 11/10/14


Wonderbao Night Noodle Markets

The wondrous Wonderbao

If you don’t know what bao is, you are unlikely to be Chinese. Bao, or steamed bun (in all its forms e.g. baozi or gua bao etc.) is one of the quintissential Chinese dishes. It’s almost as famous as fried rice. Popularised by the likes of Din Tai Fung (yes, Xiao Long Bao) and Taste of Shanghai, there was no way the bao would not make its way to Night Noodle Markets 2014.

Wonderbao Night Noodle Markets

The white buns are bao zi

And what a glorious entrance it was with Wonderbao. I’m amazed that they haven’t yet opened in Sydney, given that there are almost no stores here that specialise in this snack (or meal replacement, if you’re like me). This point is further driven home by the fact that Wonderbao possibly makes the best bao outside what dad makes at home.

Wonderbao Night Noodle Markets

Gua Bao snack pack – L to R: braised pork belly, twice cooked pork belly, fried silky tofu ($7 ea or $20 as snack pack)

We ended up getting the 3-pack gua bao snack pack, which includes the braised pork bao, the twice-cooked pork belly bao, and fried tofu bao.

The fried tofu  bao was surprisingly delicious. Wholesome crunchy tofu (crispy shell, silken innards) surrounded by Wonderbao’s signature fluffy bun makes for a winner. The sauce that tofu needs to deliver flavour definitely drove its sweet message home.

My favourite of the three is the twice-cooked pork belly bao – there’s a good balance of meat and fat here, and boy is the pork game strong with this one. So delicious, there’s really no material issues to raise here. It’s all bao love.

The braised pork belly bao is a decent bao, but the amount of fat was so high that for someone who doesn’t eat a lot of it, it can be a bit overwhelming. It was kind of like eating bao with butter at times, so make sure you eat it in a way that incorporates the lean portion of the meat with each bite.

Wonderbao Night Noodle Markets

Bao bao bao bao bao bao bao

Bao is so fun to say!

The “Would I Get This Again Test”: hell yes.

Wonderbao on Urbanspoon


Woofy's Night Noodle Markets

The colour scheme is surprisingly eye-catching despite a small stall!

When Woofy’s announced they had a Pad Thai hot dog well…you know where this is going. Let’s just say I headed there so fast, The Woofy’s cart needed a pad to brake my trajectory.

Woofy's Night Noodle Markets

Pork Pad Thai dog – pork sausage w/vermicelli noodles, peanuts & fried shallots ($9)

Ok that was terrible and I admit it, but the Pad Thai dog was not.

The thing about this roll is that it works! The dog contained the whole shebang – rice noodles, coriander (pick your battles, cilantro haters), peanuts, and heck even my favourite dried onion flakes. The chilli sausage was spot on, full of flavour which is the real star. This dog would have made my night, except it did lack one crucial element of sauce. With no sauce, the dog was quite dry, and there was no adhesive element to gel everything together.

Woofy's Night Noodle Markets

More than one angle is needed to flatter this dog

When is a good hot dog ever without sauce?

Would I Get This Again: maybe, definitely if sauced up.

Hoy Pinoy

There’s already plenty of Instagram coverage on Hoy Pinoy, as it is reportedly very authentic Filipino BBQ skewers. More important than its authenticity though is that it’s delicious. When I saw lines already developing for this place (and this was before 6pm!!), I knew I had to queue myself up.

Hoy Pinoy Night Noodle Markets

This brings back nostalgic memories…

Hoy Pinoy Night Noodle Markets

Two skewers for $10 ($6 each) – pork belly w/soy & garlic marinade, chicken inasal w/sour garlic marinade

The pork belly one is succulent and never overly fatty, with a perfect crunchy-soft texture. The glaze is fabulous, and this is probably what makes it Filo – I haven’t had anything exactly like it but it does bring me back to the old days when skewers were common on the streets in China. The sauce has a strong garlic presence which is awesome.

The chicken on the other hand is a bit drier, but the sweet soy sauce more than makes up for this. It’s a bit smokier, and different enough that it’s worth getting this as well.

Hoy Pinoy Night Noodle Markets

So many skewers they have to set up 5 BBQs!

Oh boy, I don’t know which one I liked better. Both the chicken and the pork belly are extremely delicious. In fact, they’re the most flavoursome, delectable things I have had at Night Noodle Markets so far. Do spend the $10 and get at least one of each skewer. You will not regret it.

Would I Get This Again: I already intend to

Gelato Messina

I never intended to get Messina, as it would have been one of the most cliched visits to an affair that isn’t even Asian.

Gelato Messina Night Noodle Markets

Where there’s fun there’s Messina

But it is difficult to resist Messina’s quirky charm – they may not objectively have the best Gelato, but their constant twist on existing and invention of new flavours always keeps people coming back.

All menu items bought at the Night Noodle Markets come with a fortune cookie, in which there’s a chance to win a prize.

Gelato Messina Night Noodle Markets

Bangkok Holla – kaffir lime sponge, pandan & coconut sorbet, pineapple & lemongrass mousse, chilli coconut cookie ($9)

Our choice of the Bangkok Holla was well-rewarded with a remarkably refreshing and delicious sorbet. The pandan flavour was subtle but showing, though perhaps boosting the flavour would be even better. Can’t have enough pandan! What really set this one apart was the lime sponge at the bottom of the cup, it’s not in the photo, but this was a sweet textural addition that was most welcome, particularly as a foil to the sorbet.

Gelato Messina Night Noodle Markets

So the fortune tells us to get a pot luck pie…one more coming right up!

As for that cookie? Oddly addictive! Hello carbs!

Would I Get This Again: no, must let variety work its magic!

Gelato Messina on Urbanspoon

Now for some misc shots of the markets:

Night Noodle Markets

If you really can’t help yourself, you could do a lot worse than the dim sum from Let’s Do Yum Cha

Khao Pla Night Noodle Markets


Those who have read my post on Khao Pla should know exactly what to do here. No, seriously. GET THOSE RIBS. I just hope they’re as good as what the restaurant in Chatswood serves up! It’s a great opportunity for those who can’t easily get to Chatswood to try out why this place is my favourite Thai restaurant!

Night Noodle Markets

The Harvey Normal stall was all artsy

Night Noodle Markets

Nope, no DIY for you!

Night Noodle Markets

Night falls…

Night Noodle Markets

Everyone was taking a picture with this kitty!

Night Noodle Markets

Bars always get the prettiest decorations!

Night Noodle Markets

It’s not a Night Noodle Market without lanterns!

This post isn’t done until I say it is! More to come!

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

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      I would say try out the Bangkok Holla if you want something more refreshing and less heavy. The Happy Bud Time is also refreshing but it’s quite creamy. Difficult choices!

      Personal fave – definitely the Holla!

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    Nice photos & recap bro! I’ll tell you the secret that makes the pork belly marinade glaze awesome: sweet banana ketchup! It’s magic lol

      • Diane Reply

        I recently went on a fantastic walking food tour of Fairfield (Taste Tours, run The Benevolent Society) and one of the stops was a cafe/grocery run by a Philippino & Burmese couple. Tried Banana Ketchup there for the first time (on some damn good devil chicken wings, I might add) and was really impressed. It was explained that food shortages during WWII and the influx of yanks wanting ketchup, meant that the mother of all … invention, came up with a ketchup made from what was on hand… Bananas ! Now if only I could remember the name of the place…

        • Michael Shen Reply

          Oh wow, so that was the reasoning behind it? Necessity truly is the mother of invention.

          And Fairfield eh? Now I really need to get my hands on some for some roastin’!

  5. Annie @ The Random Foodie Reply

    the live post is a great idea. like you, i didn’t do my recap till after the whole event ended. sill got a few stalls that i need to try (and retry) before it’s over like izakaya den and the poklol tacos

  6. samanthawxlow Reply

    Great overview of what’s on offer! My stomach is tiny so I’m glad that reading this means I can miss some of the less good items and save more space for the Wonderbao tofu bun. Even though its $7, I would gladly pay for it again!

  7. Chris @ MAB vs Food Reply

    I like the idea of a live post – you might have too much to write about by the end of the month. I will be coming back for more suggestions cos I will be going soon myself. Wonderbao is definitely at the top of my list! And everyone keeps telling me to try Jackie M’s CKT!

    • Michael Shen Reply

      Definitely would be much less painful than if I wrote everything at the end – and far less useful to boot!

      Assuredly those bao must be at the top of your list. You won’t regret it. Don’t take too long with the photos though – they’re best enjoyed hot!

  8. iFat (@iFat23) Reply

    Considering the fact that Ippudo has stopped serving buns,there has never been a better time for Wonderbao to open.


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