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Tasmania Part 2 Cover

Things to do and see in Tasmania – Cradle Mountain, Franklin-Gordon & Mt Field National Park

What, three thousand six hundred words and ninety-seven pictures wasn’t quite enough hurt for you? What’s that, you want more I hear? In that case, welcome to my Tasmania trip part 2, where I (and you!) get a load of Tasmania’s prettiest landscapes at the iconic Cradle Mountain, see way too many waterfalls, and do a helluva lot of walking. Oh, and there’s also a pretty darn nice scallop pie, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Click right on in!

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Things to do and see in Tasmania – Launceston, Tarkine & Rocky Cape National Parks. Plus: Tasmanian Devils!

Ten thousand years ago, rising sea levels broke a bond in the south-eastern part of the Australian subcontinent. With that, Tasmania was born. It may be small – less than a tenth of the size of New South Wales, but it’s unique segregation from the rest of the mainland has allowed the development of incredible variation. If you think a couple of days here can “tick off” the state, think again. Extraordinary scenery, great food; welcome to Tasmania: I think you’ll like it here.

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