Weir Café – Picnic Alternative

Out in the Royal National Park which, by the way, is definitely worth a visit if you want to get away from Sydney for a day, there’s a café that’s definitely able to tend to your fooding needs. Although it’s best to bring your own food – picnic style – you will not experience a dearth of good food thanks to Weir Café.

Its location is quite convenient – if you’re going for a day trip to RNP, this is your café. Drive further, and you’ll eventually end up at Wollongong after not too long, where more food options will present themselves anyway.

So apparently a friend of mine has picnic-phobia (that’s a thing?), so we naturally gravitated to wards Weir Café. How predictable 😛

Date Visited: 15/12/2012
Address: Lady Carrington Drive, Audley – Royal National Park
Go-to dish: can’t go wrong with the big breakfast

It’s located in Audley Hall, which is the giant wooden building you see in the cover photo. I’m not sure how wise it is to have a wooden building in the middle of a forest, but I suppose RNP isn’t bushfire prone.

Touch wood.

Wow that’s ironic.

Um anyways, after a hard morning of photography, we got very peckish. It’s :V time! (type :V into Facebook chat, enter and see what you get :3)

Weir Café - big breakfast

big breakfast:
eggs cooked any way (scrambled, poached or fried),bacon, roasted tomato, portobello mushrooms. Served with organic sourdough toast

The classic big breakfast. There’s just nothing wrong with it, except perhaps if you don’t like any particular ingredient, or you just don’t have a large appetite. It is “big” for a reason.

Weir’s big brekky is as good as any, with ample amounts of everything – with eggs that you can have done whichever way you like! I opted for poached because you know, that’s just what I do. The food is cooked well, seasoned well, and you really don’t have anything to complain about.

Full disclosure: I gave my mushrooms away so can’t really say how they tasted, but they did look kind of shrivelled. A good thing I skipped them.

Weir Café - big breakfast

Weir Café - steak sandwich

steak sandwich with rocket, cheddar, roast tomato, caramelised onion & steak cut chips

I never actually had a bite of this steak sandwich myself, but boy, it sure does look good. The steak looks like it’s well done, which would make it tough, but the cheese is likely to counter that. It looks yum though!

Weir Café - wagyu beef burger, beetroot, cucumber, tomato & lettuce with beer battered fries

wagyu beef burger, beetroot, cucumber, tomato & lettuce with beer battered fries

This wagyu beef burger is quite good except for two things – 1) the patty is too small for the size of the burger. I felt like I was eating more bread than anything. 2) sauce on the bun itself is not the best of ideas, but luckily there wasn’t too much sauce to compromise the integrity of the burger. Blessing in disguise?

Flavour-wise though, it was quite nice, with well-seasoned beef and decent beetroot.

The capital idea? Put the fries INTO the burger – those are some of the best fries I’ve had. Thick and fat, absolutely delicious. Make a burger of it.

Weir Café - beer battered fries

oh god look at those fries

This was a grilled chicken sandwich, but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to try this either. Gosh, I’m slipping here. The friend reported that it was pretty good though! She finished it all 🙂

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

The Good: great café food, even at such a faraway location

What could use improvement: fries could come out hotter, better burger construction

I give Weir Café a grand total of seven and a half Caesars out of ten – 7.5/10

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