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Via Abercrombie – aptly named; you can’t miss it sitting in the middle of narrow Abercrombie Lane, bridging George & Pitt St. Well, actually, you could – if it weren’t for the bright orange signage outside, you may just think of it as another hole-in-the-wall eateries. But then again, isn’t that where you often find the most underrated gems?

VA distinguishes itself amongst most other sandwich shops by offering massive sandwiches at very reasonable prices. Little Vienna would probably be the closest competition.

Sure, you could (and really, should) make them at home and bring them out…but who has time for that these days?

Date Last Visited: 10/12/2012
Address: 1 Abercrombie Ln Sydney, NSW 2000
Recommended Dish(es): schnitzel chicken sandwich

Oh the irony of that last statement then, when I tell you that most of VAs patrons, when eating here at peak hour…wait for up to 20 minutes. Okay that didn’t sound very impressive, and I’m sure we’ve all had longer queues before, but for a mere sandwich? Yeah okay, still not that impressive – especially if you’re from the US where hoards of legendary sandwich shoppes abound.

Nevertheless, it’s a long wait, not what I would be used to for something like this. Once enough suits and heels have cleared the queue, you eventually see their menu sign:

Via Abercrombie

Pretty much all your protein needs covered

I’m not going to delve too deeply into the fact that schnitzel is incorrectly spelt, but it does make me wonder…especially as VA is famous for their chicken schnitzel sandwiches.

I didn’t take a picture of it the time I had the schnitzel sandwich, but I do agree with the consensus that it’s their best sandwich – there’s just so much chicken, the bread is thick, and there’s ample mayo to keep things glued together. It’s satisfaction with every bite – though does get somewhat samey after awhile. The sandwiches are pretty big after all. How big?

Via Abercrombie Chilli Chicken sandwich

Chilli chicken sandwich – $12

One half of a VA sandwich is bigger than one of my palms. Now, I don’t exactly have large hands, so I guess that’s not saying much. It is BIG though – essentially, half of a VA sammy is around the size (or volume, as you can see they pack the fillings on) of a normal sandwich. So you’re really eating two sambos with each one you order.

Most people, including The Lady, would eat half the sandwich, leaving the other half for a future meal. That seems to be the most sane thing to do, but Shen is anything but sane, and I happily nom a whole sandwich without pause. Of course, I then ask for more. Yeah, I’ve got appetite problems…

Via Abercrombie BBQ chicken sandwich

There’s a serious amount of chicken in these

So from the pictures, you can see I’ve also had their chilli chicken sandwich before as well. Same fillings – lettuce, mayo etc, but the chicken is where it differs. I usually love chilli anything, but the chicken in this variant is disappointing, in that pretty much one minute into unwrapping the sandwich, the chicken already tastes kind of cold. This wasn’t a particularly cold day either (not that it should’ve had an effect so soon), but tepid chicken is pretty off-putting. A plus (if it can be that) is that there’s an insane amount of chicken in this sandwich – as you can see, it started spilling out!

I think I’ll stay with the schnitzel sandwich next time – why fix what ain’t broke?

Via Abercrombie chicken salad

Chicken salad – $forgot

For those who are carb-conscious, VA has a selection of salads as well. I’d almost call it “sandwich, hold the bread” but there’s actually a LOT more stuff that don’t make their way into the sandwiches.

Via Abercrombie chicken salad

Diving deeper…

Oh, and a regular serving is what, 800 grams? Yeah, they don’t go light on the light stuff either. I think I’ll get that next time – plenty of chicken either way!

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

Awesome: massive portions at reasonable prices, super chicken schnitzel sandwiches, salads are pretty yay

Not so Awesome: other sandwiches are so-so

7/10 Caesars

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  1. Anthony Reply

    Tried it but was unimpressed, Big Bite on Pitt Street is far superior and the Lemon Pepper chicken is my favorite no tepid chicken here.

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