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Who would have ever heard about making a booking at a cafe? Either the place is the height of pretension, or it’s popular enough that such a system becomes the necessary evil that it is.

In the end, it’s simple supply and demand. Yeah, Trio cafe in summer is that popular.

Being the occasional cafe explorer, it would only make sense for me (well, The Lady) to plop our reservation details down and get the ball rolling. Don’t fret – not every table is reserved for bookings, you can rock up and try your luck the old-fashioned way. What’s all the fuss about? No idea! That’s why we went!

Date Last Visited: 22/9/2013
Address: 56 Campbell Pde Bondi Beach, NSW 2026
Recommended Dish(es): breakfast tasting plate

Trio Cafe

The calm before the storm

To those who have gone through my lavish post on Kepos Street Kitchen would know that I’m just a tad partial to cafes with a bent that’s slightly more fascinating than the usual Aussie breakfast (whatever that is). Good times ahead.

Trio Cafe

The Trio cap ($4)

The coffee ritual is old-hat, but that ain’t a problem: old is familiar, and in this case I’m not fixing what isn’t broken. Trio’s cappucino has some stunning chocolate art going on, which seems a bit odd at first, since any cafe could probably emblazon their name onto every cuppa. It’s pretty cool that Trio’s stands out amongst the sea of hearts, ferns, and I guess even bears.

If you’re sensitive to sugar then perhaps give it a pass, as the chocolate powder will without doubt sweeten it up. You’ve been warned.

Trio Cafe

Freshly squeezed juice ($6.5)

I’m not one for juices, but it was a responsible decision made by The Lady when it came to the sweltering heat of that day. Refreshingly citrus, it’s a no-brainer tang-er.

Admittedly, I’ve forgotten just what went into the glass, but there was a distinct, unmistakable minty flavour. It almost tasted like a sweet pho soup but with extra mint. Acquired tastes are weird….

Trio Cafe

Mediterranean breakfast – poached eggs w/truffle oil on olive sourdough, w/char-grilled haloumi, crispy pancetta, semi-dried tomatoes, spinach & chorizo ($26)

Now we get to the good stuff – in 2014, Mediterranean made splashes in a big way (think Nomad, Kepos St Kitchen, Ester). Trio was one of the original trailblazers, and its Mediterranean breakfast showcases this in a big way.

Trio Cafe

More haloumi needed

While it doesn’t win any awards in the looks or innovation department, this is all about filling you up with flavour and quantity. It’s got all your breakfast goodness, including some pretty kicking chorizo, a surefire way to get your breakfast on.

I could do with some more haloumi though, can’t ever have enough of the stuff.

Trio Cafe

Trio breakfast tasting plate (yeah, it’s two plates): bircher museli, french toast, mango pancake, corn fritters & shakshouka ($29)

If you’re new to trio and like to have the spice of life with your food, look no further than the trio breakfast tasting plate. It really should be plates, because the goodness cannot be contained with just one. Yeah, now we’re talking.

Ordering this will essentially net you 5 dishes in one, which for $29 could potentially be you and your mate’s breakfast. Unless you’re me of course.

Trio Cafe

Now this is what I’m talking about re: portion sizes vs variety

To get the boring rundown out of the way (in order of how I would personally eat them):

Bircher: this is pretty standard stuff, a sweet note to start things off.
French toast: for the heavy-hitting sweet and carby load, this French toast comes next and it comes packing. Fortunately, it’s not insanely decadent (Devon), which is either a wonderful or terrible thing.
Corn fritters: switching over the palate, the corn fritters begin the savoury ride with that ever-so-slight hint of sweetness that we love in corn.
Shakshouka: brilliant dish, but you may sweat a little. It’s also a bit watery, but I have a thing against baked eggs almost everywhere in Sydney (hardware societe ruined me!)
Mango pancakes: wrap up with this if you’re still surviving.

Overall, the quality of the dishes is not outstanding, but most satisfactory. Presenting the 5-in-1 approach sells and Trio knows it. Everybody wins!

Trio Cafe

Mango & lime buttermilk pancakes w/strawberries, lemon curd & double cream ($18.5)

Yeah, we’re stupid and hungry so we got the mango pancakes again somehow. Seriously, I don’t know how this happened, but it did, and our stomach has to live with the consequences. Stomach: I’ve had a good run with you.

Trio Cafe

Business is getting busy

Still so sure about your chances of just walking in?

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀


  • Spot-on savoury food, a most fulfilling breakfast
  • Decent drinks too!

Not so Awesome:

  • Booking system removes the ability to “casualise” your morning breakfast/brunch
  • It isn’t providing anything that makes you think “ah, only Trio can do that” (other than that signature cap!)

I have a new scoring system! Read all about it here.

Most important takeaway – three separate scores for food, service and ambiance to give the final score. The new system is not comparable to any post prior to 11/11/2014.

F6 | S3 | A3
6.5/10 Caesars

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14 comments on “Trio Cafe | Bondi Beach”

  1. gourmetgetaway Reply

    The place looks cosy, for one. I can do with the Mediterranean breakfast and mango pancakes. Thanks for the tips on this cafe!!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

  2. chocolatesuze Reply

    oh man im such a sucker for lemon curd so those pancakes sound right up my alley!

  3. forfoodssake Reply

    Is that Hommus near the bread & the Shakshouka? Interesting.. I suck at breakfast. Lunch is where its at!!!! And I agree, you can never have enough Haloumi..


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