Toast Cafe – Burning Toast

What was I thinking with this title?

Anyways…being part of the vibrant Surry Hills cafe culture, I did not hesitate to go there when there was a meeting. Yeah, I know you can’t really have a super productive meeting when you’re eating, but whatever. Another excuse to eat out? I’ll take it!

Name: Toast Cafe
Date Visited: 22/09/2012
Address: 45 Resevoir St, Surry Hills NSW
Good for: a nice interior
Not good for: particularly good food
Go-to dish: There really isn’t one from what I sampled

Turns out it’s not a bad place to have small meetings – the interior is quite nice and refreshing. Real chill when you’re up not too early on a weekend and want to get some food in you while having a good chat over it.

Toast Cafe

Interior shot

It’s fairly spacious, and the seating arrangement isn’t done to try and accommodate a million people. Sure, the cafe’s inherent size has something to do with it but it’s good that they don’t try and over-utilise the floor space. You know it’s tight when you feel like you have to talk a little quieter to the person opposite you for fear of the people to the people beside you overhearing.

Toast Cafe

Dumbbell set

Le friend (let’s call him X) ordered tea (as he always does) and it came in a rather heavier-than-it-looks iron pot. Look at that thing. I could do curls with them. At least, it inspires confidence about its durability – I feel like it could make quite the bludgeoning instrument! :O

Well, the tea tasted good, so I guess that’s all that mattered.

Toast Cafe

Yoghurt pot with mixed berries

So X wasn’t feeling very hungry, so only decided to order a yoghurt pot. Naturally being the food blogger I had to be invasive and try some for myself. First thing I noticed is the presentation – it’s quite nice! It really is yoghurt in a legit pot – it’s ceramic rather than plastic! Nice touch. There wasn’t much as you can see judging by the size of that strawberry, but you don’t really want to eat too much yoghurt anyway.

The taste unfortunately was not too great – it was mostly flavourless and thus too sour (since there’s little sweet to balance it out). This was very disappointing. Kind of tastes like store-bought plain yoghurt. The berry coulis helped somewhat, but I felt the dish could have used more of it. Besides, it doesn’t excuse poor youghurt fundamentals.

Toast Cafe

Smoked salmon & egg omelette with toast and onions

I had the omelette up next and it looks quite nice. The eggs are cooked a golden brown – but as you can see that was not consistent. The burn on the right isn’t too bad though – tolerable. That slice of toast looks delicious!

Toast Cafe

Here’s what it looks like on the inside. The cooking of the egg is a lot more consistent throughout its innards, and I didn’t even discover the sautéed onion until I cut through! With that sour cream this looked to impress.

Unfortunately, what it had in looks it sorely lacked in taste and flavour. The texture of the egg was fine – an omelette that looks that good would have to screw up pretty bad to undo itself on its texture. The taste however was very, very bland. All the sour cream in the world could not have saved it. The onions weren’t so great – quite mushy and lacking definition. It’s like eating a…glob of the stuff. Not particularly wholesome. The salmon was well smoked, but it contrasted itself with the poor execution of the other ingredients and this did not lead to good results.

I hope I arrived on a bad day, rather than the omelettes tasting this under-par as the norm at this cafe.

Toast Cafe

Classic oats porridge with boiled pear, walnuts and brown sugar

Perhaps I was to find saviour in the porridge. Like the omelette, it looks the part. Like the omelette, it did not bring the goods on flavour. I had to use liberal amounts of sugar to bring a semblance of flavour to the dish, for if I did not it was like eating plain boiled oats. Oh god no.

If I were  provided honey as standard that would have redeemed this dish – I could tell from the texture (which is great, by the way) that it would have paired with honey or syrup very nicely (classic oats – honey!). But since it didn’t, I had to assume they expect you to eat this with only the sugar provided – which I ended up finishing all too quickly. This could be a dish more catered to those with a higher sensitivity towards sweet stuff, so YMMV.

Ahhh….I feel that I may have ordered all the wrong things at Toast Cafe the time I went. Many other food blogs praise other dishes they serve. But my experience is mine, and yours will be yours too. I’m always willing to give its other dishes a try though.

Take care!

The Good: it’s a nice environment, it wouldn’t take much to improve the dishes

The Bad: the food is not that tasty

I give Toast Cafe a grand total of five Caesars out of ten – 5/10

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