The Oxford Tavern | Petersham

Petersham has always been a special suburb to me for one reason only – it was where my high school was located (high-five to any Fortians current or former reading this!). When I was invited by the OG bloggers Chocolatesuze  and Ramenraff, alongside the coolest kid on the block(blog) iFat, it was going to be a pretty hardcore party, one way or another.

We’re talking about the Black Betty smoker, we’re talking about a true blue American BBQ. Dudes, step up, it’s time to go to town.

Date Last Visited: 1/2/2015
Address: 1 New Canterbury Rd Petersham, NSW 2049
Recommended Dish(es): beef brisket, dinosaur ribs

The Oxford Tavern Petersham

Seating is ample, but so are patrons. Get in early!

Part of the Drink and Dine Group (House of Crabs, The Forrester’s), Publican Jaime Wirth knows what he’s doing when it comes to providing a great feed. We got there about five minutes before opening, in order to ensure we were first in line. Take heed folks – that’s a smart move. In about 20min the entire venue is packed, with a 30min wait for counter service.

The Oxford Tavern Petersham

Now smoking, always smoking…hot

Black Betty is Sydney’s epitome of an American BBQ meats smoker. Meats are smoked overnight for up to 18 hours, ready to be served from midday on weekends only (till sold out). They come in $6-$8/100g, so it’s not unreasonable to assume you won’t get much change out of $100? 😉

Totally worth it.

The Oxford Tavern Petersham

Hell. To. The. Yes. The beef is real.

Just look at that, will you. To the uninitiated, this just looks like a lump of can-only-be-so attractive charcoal. At the risk of sounding up myself – I myself would have thought the same (alongside “eww” and “is that edible?”). Luckily, I’ve watched the movie Chef (GREAT movie, by the way), so I knew what a special thing I was about to tuck into.

The Oxford Tavern Petersham

Everything, and then even more of everything

There’s a bit of everything here – beef brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork, dino ribs, smoked chooks, sausages. Sides include broccoli, kale & bean salad (really good by the way – do order), and burnt end beans.

The Oxford Tavern Petersham

The chicken inspector

All the meat is cut up in front of you; when it’s done you take the tray back to your table. Then, there are no rules.

The Oxford Tavern Petersham

The spread….#1

Now this, is a platter.

The crowd favourite was the beef brisket. There have been improvements to the beef brisket from before, says meat-expert Raff, who has previously visited The Oxford Tavern.

I can’t compare, but all I can say is that this is one of the best things you can put in your mouth. The fat melts away, while the smokiness of the lean beef is incredibly heady. Just eat, eat and eat. I could not stop smashing these.

The Oxford Tavern Petersham

Entrees are served

Another particular crowd-pleaser was the dinosaur ribs. These are huge hunks of beefy ribs that bring in the flavour like no BBQ has ever done for me. Big chunks of juicy meat, well-balanced amount of melt-in-your-mouth fat, and a perfect companion with the provided chilli sauce. It’s not that hot, so feel free to be extra liberal with this juice.

The pork ribs and sausages were pretty decent as well, while the smoked chicken was the most underwhelming dish. That’s ok, we all learn from our mistakes:

The Oxford Tavern Petersham

Platter #2, because one tray was never going to be enough

With our amuse bouche out of the way, we knew exactly what we wanted for our mains. That’s right, double up on dinos and brisket!

The very definition of a cheat meal was had, but also the very definition of deliciousness.

The Oxford Tavern Petersham

It’s healthy because I put broccoli in it – even Suze is eyeing this one!

Healthy eating, because there are greens. I have no regrets.

You can see that we are big fans of The Oxford Tavern’s Black Betty. Now, you can get it at The Forrester’s as well, as they are both under the Drink and Dine umbrella. More smoky goodness for all!

This post is based on an independent visit to The Oxford Tavern

Is your stomach ready for Black Betty? Sound off in the comments below!

The Good:

  • This smoked meats business means business – brisket and dino ribs are at the top of the game

The Bad:

  • Other meats are mediocre at best

The Ugly:

  • For meat lovers only – eating salad while everyone else is eating meat is not a vegetarian’s fantasy

I have a new scoring system! Read all about it here.

Most important takeaway – three separate scores for food, service and ambiance to give the final score. The new system is not compatible with any score given prior to 11/11/2014.

F6.5 | S3 | A3
7/10 Caesars

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    Whooheee that brisket – I tend to slip into a Texas drawl whenever I can bandy the words barbeque and brisket around, its all my Friday Night Lights watching 🙂

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