The Chocolate Room – Guylian on a Budget?

The Chocolate Room is one of those alternatives to the more well known Guylian/Lindt/Max Brenner chocolate cafés out there. Its exposure in Sydney isn’t particularly well-known, even though there’s four locations here. I’ve walked past it countless times, yet never took the initiative to go in until the end of 2012. The prices, on average seem to be around 60-75% of the more well-known choc dessert cafés, so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to get your chocolate fix, TCR is worth consideration. Just remember though, you can only order sweet goods here – so hopefully you’ve had dinner first! TCR is dessert-only (I hope the name got that through).

Date Visited: 17/12/2012
Address: 210/298 Sussex Street Sydney, NSW 2000
Go-to dish: well I only had one so…

The Chocolate Room

Faux-wicker chairs, interspersed with normal wooden chairs…an interesting touch.

I found the interior to be nice, with a definite chocolate theme going on with all that brown decor (brown chairs, brown floor, etc). It didn’t seem very sanitary when I went though – there were a few flies in the café, and the tables were not very clean to the point where I was wary of touching it in the slightest. It’s understandable as this was rather late in the day, and also still in the throes of summer but…something could still have been done about it. The Lady chose not to get anything this time around, as visiting TCR was my idea alone, so I just got myself the whopper below.

The Chocolate Room Vanilla crepes (pancakes?) w/mango ice cream, bananas & strawberries topped with chocolate sauce

Vanilla crepes (pancakes?) w/mango ice cream, bananas & strawberries topped with chocolate sauce

Chocolate-based desserts are almost always pretty and this dish is no exception. An eye-catching ball of mango dulce ice cream sits flush as the centre of attention, resting on top of two vanilla pancakes of “just-right” thickness with fruits all around. A garnishing of chocolate sauce adorns the entire platter, ensuring that the plate is always interesting to look at from any vantage point.

  • Taste-wise, the mango ice cream was quite fluffy but consistent. The flavour wasn’t too strong, and was very light and refreshing to the taste. It didn’t taste particularly “real” though, as I couldn’t really get a handle on the creaminess or the fattiness that’s a trademark attribute of great ice cream. It’s like ice cream that’s a lot like sorbet…except it wouldn’t be a good sorbet either. Identity crisis!
  • The crepes were nice, though not at the same level of quality as those you could get from the other choc cafés or Pancakes on the Rocks. They were a little hard and overall less wholesome to chew.
  • As expected of the name of the place, the chocolate sauce was pretty spot on, though be sure to lap it up quickly, as it solidifies in practically no time at all.

The Chocolate Room crepes/pancakes

The Chocolate Room ice cream

A big mangoey ball of sweetness

The Chocolate Room pancakes/crepes

Kinda went overboard with the macro for this…

The Chocolate Room DIY affogato - vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce w/short black

DIY affogato – vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce w/short black

So I did actually order one other item, but it’s just a fancy coffee with more sugar and fat so it hardly counts. An affogato is simply coffee with ice cream in it (and sometimes more chocolate). Pour the contents of the left two into the right, and enjoy! As I’m not a coffee expert, I can’t really comment on how good the short black was – but let’s say that it sure does taste bitter (as it should), though this is mitigated greatly by the vanilla & chocolate sauce. Yeah I think I OD’d on chocolate that day…a good hour of exercise required afterwards, for sure. As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

The Good: good dish presentation, decent value

What could be improved: it’s still probably worth spending more and visit other places, hygiene is a rather big concern

I give  a grand total of six Caesars out of ten – 6/10

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