Takumi – The Student’s Sushi Train

The title of this post will all make sense when I say “student discount”. That’s right, if you’re the holder of a valid student card (which pretty much means any student ID from any tertiary or secondary school), all plates of sushi are $2.50. You will not be able to find a cheaper sushi train anywhere else. Boom.

I think the $2.5 per plate pretty much has you hooked now – and if you’re not a student, well the prices aren’t that much more expensive anyway!

Couple this with the fact that it’s conveniently located at the upper level of Haymarket, and you’ve got a pretty good formula for running a sushi train.

Date Last Visited: 17/11/2012
Address: 9-13 Quay Street, Level 3 Market City Sydney, NSW 2000
Go-to dish: N/A

This is actually the first sushi train that features on this blog. Though I’ve been to plenty before, I’ve never thought about blogging them. Taking pictures of each dish was kind of tiresome to me…at least that’s what I thought. It was a stupid idea though – as if it would be any different with any other restaurant. Thus, I became partial to blogging sushi trains as well.


A friendly warning serves to remind you well

Very nice of Takumi to warn you of this – presumably it’s happened more than once before. I would also keep a close eye on my bag – and don’t just leave your camera to the side! You could potentially turn your head, and it’d be gone :S

Takumi hamburger sushi

Takumi’s kind-of-famous hamburger sushi

Sushi trains generally have this bad rap where, similar to my criticisms of Zumbo’s Dessert Train, the big issue is that of freshness. You don’t actually know how long a certain plate of sushi has been on the train, so you have two options:

  • Keep an eye out for the plates that the Itamae put onto the train – those would naturally be fresh
  • Just order whatever you want from the Itamae directly – that way you’ll get it fresh guaranteed, all the time

The second option is the most effort, but it’s the most effective way to get your hands on fresh sushi.

I actually personally just go for the first option, or I simply don’t care at all. When I visit a sushi train, I know I’m not getting world-class fish. In addition, I’m usually rushed for time, hence why I’d eat at a sushi train in the first place.

Takumi aburi nigiri

You can never go wrong with aburi

Luckily for me, and for anyone else that visits Takumi – they seem to have very high quality sushi in the first place. As such, the freshness issue isn’t /as/ much of a concern – you’re not going to be able to tell the difference very often (unless you’re a super taster?).

Besides, this sushi just tastes better when it costs only $2.5 a plate 😛 (I kid, but the placebo effect is actually science!)

Takumi aburi scallop nigiri

Aburi scallops

Naturally, sashimi is only made to order, and that is definitely not $3. It’s the same at any other sushi train – it’s usually $7 for a plate of that good stuff.

On my last visit, I had all of the sushi pictured in this post today, plus maybe 6 more plates of different stuff. Of particular note is their hamburger sushi. No, this is not wagyu aburi, this a fully cooked wagyu beef strip that’s got a good load of mayo drizzled on. It’s most certainly a western creation, but it tastes really, really good. Just gonna put it out there.

I had 2.5 plates of the stuff (5 pieces). So yeah, addicted somewhat, at least until the mayo starts getting to you and you kind of feel sick :S

Takumi unagi tamagoyaki nigiri sushi

Tamagoyaki unagi nigiri

The aburi nigiri (of pretty much any type) is always worth a try. I particularly prefer their scallop version, and you can never go wrong with salmon, of course.

Also of note is the unagi (eel) nigiri (pictured right above). Noteworthy because a) I love eel nigiri already and b) because it’s even combined with grilled egg! Usually they’re separate, but now I can get both for the same amount of rice.

Yeah, I’m a bit too carb-conscious for a foodie, but there you have it.

Takumi akami nigiri

Akami nigiri

The fresher, rawer stuff (is that a word) is more on the average side. Good to have, but I only had a few plates of the raw nigiri.

Takumi soft shell crab

Soft shell crab

Awkward moment when I actually took someone else’s order of soft shell crab. No joke, I actually did that. Very embarrassing but I just pretended like it was my order. OWNED (sorry…)

Tasted good though, so that makes me feel better (Y)

Takumi salmon nigiri

Salmon nigiri

The salmon was an outlier amongst otherwise average nigiri. It tastes as good as it looks.

Takumi buri nigiri

Buri (yellowtail) nigiri

Takumi tsubugai nigiri

Tsubugai (whelk) nigiri

Is Takumi a good sushi train? Yes, yes it most certainly is.

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

The Good: Awesome pricing if you’re a student, still decent if you’re not. Great aburi, iconic hamburger sushi

What could be improved: it’s pretty good as it is, it’s only quality improvements from here

8/10 Caesars

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8 comments on “Takumi – The Student’s Sushi Train”

  1. Nick Reply

    Photos look great! Will probably go there next Sunday for lunch. Do you know if they do the 2.5/plate for students on weekend?

  2. Tess Reply

    Hi 🙂 Is Takumi at all suitable for big groups? I want to take around 20 people there next week… we don’t necessarily all have to sit together, but will we even fit? I rang up but they don’t accept bookings and the woman who answered the phone didn’t quite understand my question. If we went at 5:30/6 would it be possible to get enough seats do you think?

    • Michael @ I'm Still Hungry Reply

      Hi Tess,

      20 people is definitely a huge number! Your group would fill up more than half the place.

      As for how suitable it is – it’s a sushi train, so your group won’t be able to effectively communicate with each other, but since that’s acceptable to you, it should be fine.

      It’s possible, but I would probably think of a plan B.

  3. Kevo Reply

    Dude, I go here all the time!!! You should do Poporo, if you haven’t already done it 😀

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