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Some readers may have observed that apart from my post on Eat Art Truck, there is a dearth of content that covers the well-known Sydney Food Truck scene. The San-Fran phenomenon has taken Sydney by storm. In that vein, I guess I didn’t really need to cover it.

But naturally, that is hardly the reason why I haven’t posted about food trucks very much. The actual causal factors are that I’m somehow always at the wrong place, or when a truck is around, my timing has always been rather on the other side of Jove.

Which is why Streetfest – Food Trucks United, a festival that aims to bring as many food trucks together as it can down to Belmore Park, is a most propitious event for someone like me. If you’ve never been able to equate your desire for food truck food with your actual consumption of food truck food, a (hopefully permanent) solution is finally here! Read on for the deets.

Date Last Visited: 7/2/14
Address: Belmore Park, Central
Recurrence: 1st Friday each month (next recurrence as of writing: March 7th)

There have been events before where food trucks come together, but Streetfest is the first to my knowledge to make such a glorious event recurring. Its first iteration was on Friday 7th Feb (the subject of this post), and it will be running for the rest of the year on the first Friday of every month.

Yes folks, that means the next iteration is this Friday 7th of March. Yes, this post is coincidentally timed to get you guys worked up over it.

The usual disclaimer does apply, as I was invited by Streetfest.

Urban Pasta & Jaffles at Streetfest - Food Trucks United

Jaffles & Urban Pasta park a reasonable distance away. Why reasonable? That grass lot fills up quite quickly later on!

For those who don’t know where Belmore Park is, it’s the park near Central station that sits opposite Eddy Avenue (where all the domestic coaches are at), and is surrounded on the other sides by the train line, the tram line and…what’s that? You’re using Google Maps to find out where it is? Smart. Saves me the trouble.

Al carbon & Bar Coco at Streetfest - Food Trucks United

Al Carbon & Bar Coco lining up the other semi-circle. The grounds have been set.

I arrived at the festival very early, and as a result the grass is still relatively empty. That undergoes a rather drastic change later on. Sydneysiders will always gather where the food trucks are at. From the above two pictures, you can already see there are a few well-known food trucks, though I personally didn’t recognise all of them. Trust Shen to miss out on much of the food truck vogue movement.

Streetfest - Food Trucks United

Plenty of more ordinary stalls to go around if you’re not into any particular food truck.

Streetfest isn’t just about the food trucks (though I am assuredly attracted to it for that reason alone), regular food stalls dot the area as well if you’re up for something more familiar.

Agape Organic Food Truck

Agape Organic makes its appearance

At this point, I was deciding on what to eat. Seeing Agape everywhere but never in person is a sign that today is the day I break my Agape-ginity.

Tsuru food truck

Tsuru also makes an entrance

Similar sentiments can be ascribed to Tsuru – though in this case it’s a matter of always seeing it, yet never eating anything they sell. That changes today.

Street Sliders food truck

Never heard of the sliders truck before!

I’ve never heard of this truck before. Anyone wanna tell me whether it’s because it’s new or not? In any case, I wasn’t feeling like sliders as they’re something that every bar is doing these days, so I passed on these.

Overall, considering the grand scheme of things, Streetfest’s first start isn’t particularly big. Only about 1/5-1/6 of Belmore Park’s area was taken up, but I was duly informed that they are expanding. I’m not surprised that they will only grow from here on. At least, I sure hope they do – this can turn into something awesome.

Agape organic food truck chilli dog

Organic spelt bun chilli dog – chorizo sausage, wagyu beef chilli con carne, cheddar, tomato, chimichurri ($12)

So I finally walked around enough, and after far too much time spent goggling instead of eating, I bought the organic spelt bun chilli dog from Agape’s truck.

Holy moly, I’m not sure if anything at Streetfest can top this. The spelt bun is so soft – uncharacteristically so for a hot dog bun. This is all fine, as the texture lends to the slight sweetness of the bread. The only downside is that the filling does tend to spill out a fair bit, due to the lack of integrity.

Speaking of that filling, holy moly it is ravishing, both in sight and taste. The serving size is almost copiously philanthropic – nobody will complain that there isn’t enough to go around in this dog (which crushed the argument percolating in my brain that the dog was going to be a rip-off). Flavours are fab, and the chorizo is juicy and spicy. An instant favourite.

Agape Organic Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Tsuru food truck pork belly bun

Pork belly bun ($7)

Walking around a bit more brings me to Tsuru’s pork belly bun. Pretty sure everyone has had this ahead of me.

While Agape’s hot dog was a hell of a prodigious feed, the same cannot be said of a $7 pork belly bun. It’s delicious, no doubt, but $7 is a tough price to pay. $9 for two of Ippudo’s pork buns is probably more up my alley.

That said, the value proposition takes nothing away from the gusto of the bun itself – it does taste pretty darn good. The pork itself is a generous slice, though a bit fattier than I would have liked – something I thought I’d never say about a pork bun. Minor niggle though, the rest of the bun could easily be served at Momofuku and I wouldn’t bat two eyelids.

Tsuru Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Next up, an extra-special series on how to eat a pork bun, featuring yours truly!

Streetfest food trucks united

Step one, open wide

Street fest food trucks united

Step 2: BIG BITE

Streetfest food trucks united

Step 3: repeat

I promise I won’t do anything like that again.*

Streetfest food trucks united

Lot of street artists doing their thing.

Streetfest was also setting up a lot of the local decor, with many street artists doing what they do best. For those who love to drink, there’s also a bar that opens at 6 which goes on till at least 11pm. You’ll be covered either way 🙂

If this is the first Streetfest, then given the location, that it improves with each iteration, that it includes a huge array of food trucks, that it’s free to enter – why wouldn’t you go? Hit it up this Friday!

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀


  • The event concept itself, while familiar, is very welcome
  • Some food trucks produce exceptional food
  • Great atmosphere – who doesn’t like a food festival?

Not so Awesome:

  • It can get expensive if you don’t control your budget

8 comments on “Streetfest – Food Trucks United | Belmore Park”

    • Michael Shen Reply

      The Jaffles truck wasn’t there the second time round. They seem to rotate!

  1. Priscilla @ Reply

    I love this concept. I really do need to go before it gets too cold. I do like the look of the Tsuru pork buns. Interesting comparisons with momo and ippudo. I do love ippudo pork buns. I will just have to try them out and see if we share the same opinion!

    • Michael Shen Reply

      True that – as autumn encroaches on our awesome summer things are gonna turn for the worse. Hope it doesn’t rain this Friday.

      Being a pork bun lover in general I love them all =)

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