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When you name your café after your partner, you know you’re visiting a brekky joint that’s built out of love. That is the premise of owner Philip Ocampo’s Something for Jess. A café that’s conveniently situated in Chippendale a short walk away from Central.

Something for Jess considers itself a “boutique café”. I’m not really sure what that means, since every café is supposedly individual, but when we walk in, we’re convinced that this quaint little place is something a little bit different.

I’m sure Jess loves it. Read on.

Date Last Visited: 28/1/14
Address: Cr O’Connor And Abercrombie St Chippendale, NSW 2008
Recommended Dish(es): N/A – menu changes frequently

We tried to get to the café from Redfern station, which turned out to be not such a great of an idea. Alleyways were traversed, GPSes were consulted. Alas, we even walked right past it. Signage is scant.

Something for Jess

It’s actually very easy to miss – no obvious signage

Something for Jess

Putting the name of the place down that low doesn’t do wonders for easily locating it

Knowing that it is on a corner does help, and with the pictures I hope you can now find it. Perhaps I’m just clueless.

Something for Jess

A quaint little place

An eclectic collection of threadbare bygones is the primary schema of the café. Indeed, it is apparently the case that Ocampo spent very little on furniture/decorations – almost everything was found on the streets (thoroughly cleaned, of course) or have been donated by family and friends.

Something for Jess

Eclectic would describe it

Such a collection of accoutrements saves costs in addition to contributing to the vibe of the place. It’s already a little bit boutique. Putting flowers on every table is another thoughtful touch, as is the chalkboard menus which change quite frequently.

Something for Jess

Coffee from all over

There are two coffee menus, one placed on a repurposed ladder.

Something for Jess

The second menu, above, gives prices and more general drinks you can get.

Something for Jess

Yes, you can buy bags of the stuff

Being a produce-oriented café, you can buy the goods yourself, if you so wish. The bare walls of the café make for excellent shelving space.

Something for Jess iced coffee

Icy coffee goodness – $6.5

Given the searing hot day, my funemployed (inside joke) friend went for the cold stuff when it came to the daily coffee fix. Ain’t nothing going to chill one down like icy caffeinated goodness.

Something for Jess cold drip

Cold drip (pour over) coffee – La Pira Estate Costa Rica ($?)

As for yours truly, cold drip from Costa Rica makes a showing. I have to give fair warning – Ocampo uses a pretty hectic filtration process, resulting in a brew that’s about 4-6x stronger than your regular espresso shot. How do I know this? Well, apart from the uh…able-bodied taste, I didn’t sleep until oh…4am the next day?

Yowsa. What a hit.

Something for Jess haloumi braised mushrooms beetroot

Braised mushrooms and fig puree with slow-cooked baby beetroot, orange zested broccolini, purple kale pesto, dried seeds, grilled cypriot haloumi on toast ($14.5)

Ocampo’s got two philosophies – one is to buy local, and the other is constant change. He sources all of his goods from local producers, and his menu changes like the wind. I only know this because I have not been able to find two alike pictures of the menu. One can see why he needs a chalkboard.

So what did le friend get to be graced with with my luck of the draw? How about some braised mushrooms & fig puree w/beetroot, broccolini, pesto & haloumi on toast? It’s friggin delicious. I was kind of glad she couldn’t finish it all 😉

There’s a lot going on in this one, but let’s just say that the bread excelled at complementing the flavours of the haloumi & zesty vegetables. A very refreshing and wholesome dish.

Something for Jess

Beautiful plates!

Oh, and notice the amazing flatware! Gorgeous plates :’)

A note that service is pretty slow, which is expected as Ocampo works with a kitchen smaller than your two-door wardrobe. I wouldn’t visit if you are in a rush. This is a place for real, legit chilling.

Something for Jess

In the background, my dish arrives *ohhhhhhohohohoho*

Something for Jess grilled chicken panini

Grilled chicken with avo & yoghurt smash, fresh tomato, corn kernels, grated cheese on rustic panini ($16)

HOLY MOLEH, epic massive sanger of grilled chicken w/avo & yoghurt in rustic panini makes a STRONG meal choice.

Something for Jess

Another pretty plate!

The crockery is never the same, is it. That is oh so boutique.

Something for Jess chicken panini

Whoa, that check out that smash man

Screw carbs, get in my belly. The panini takes some serious teething to chew through, so probably don’t get if you don’t have a lynx’s jaw. Other than that, a delicious plate of goodness that features timeless combinations of chicken & avo. It’s never too dry either, which is a great bonus considering how much bread there is.

Something for Jess

It was a mighty effort but I think I can conquer it.

A difficult eat for sure, but I think it’s worth it. Took effort though – I had way too many photos taken of me attempting to conquer this sanga. It was an intense battle but well worth it. I wonder what I would look like as a gif…

Something for Jess

Snapchat guilty

I’m sorry to everyone who got my snaps that day.

Something for Jess is awesome – you’re lucky if you live close by, and it’s not too far if you don’t. Go on, experience a little boutique, born out of love 🙂

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀


  • Some of the most eclectically awesome furnishings I’ve ever seen
  • Really delicious, no-nonsense food
  • A fair few vegetarian options

Not so Awesome:

  • Conversely, not as much choice for meat lovers (only one other protein choice on menu)
  • Slow service – and we didn’t go during a busy period either
  • It’s on a really busy road, so you’ll have to learn to love the sound of traffic, especially trucks

8/10 Caesars

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8 comments on “Something For Jess | Chippendale”

  1. Joyce Chin Reply

    I always enjoy a good soy chai tea in Something for Jess! Have eaten a couple of times there but highly recommended – good food and reasonable price.


  2. Yvonne Reply

    Oooooh, I agree about the slow service! Was so turned off by that I never visited them again after my first, despite loving the food. =/

    • Michael Shen Reply

      Fair enough there – it really depends what you’re aiming for. Definitely not for those in a rush, and definitely not for those who are very hungry to start off with!

  3. lateraleating Reply

    I’ve had their cold-drip coffee, pretty potent stuff as you said! I’m going next week for breakfast, hopefully they’ll have a few more meat options.

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