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For all of my Surry Hills cafe hopping adventures, I’ve never managed to make it to one of its longstanding stalwarts. Admittedly, coffee wasn’t really my thing back then, so Single Origin Roasters – a cafe that’s known for its coffee and not its food – didn’t make the radar.

I’m still no coffee expert ( probably doesn’t have a ring to it, eh?), but times have certainly changed, now that I actually enjoy the beverage. It’s time to give the singles at Single Origin Roasters some love.

I should probably retire from blogging soon if I’m spouting lines like that…ANYWAYS, do click in, dear readers!

Date Last Visited: 30/10/2014
Address: 60-64 Reservoir St Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Recommended Dish(es): coffee

Single Origin Roasters Cafe Surry Hills

Yes, we’re /that/ early

There are few reasons why I would wake earlier than usual – one is for photography, and one is for food. So really, food photography? We were so early in fact, that the cafe was empty on the inside. Granted, Single Origin Roasters has a nice pedestrian-style feel, with sidewalk tables that serve well for seating.

Just don’t expect happy times when it’s pouring or when the sun’s shining on your face/back.

Single Origin Roasters Cafe Surry Hills

A day this early cannot start without a good, strong coffee

Waking at 6am does have its challenges, but this is exactly the reason why coffee now exists in my life.

I’m not going to call it on whether Single Origin’s…single origin brew is exceptional or not. All I know is that I enjoyed it immensely. Despite it being a strong cap, it went down smooth as buttery jazz. I particularly liked the crema – it was the perfect thickness and creaminess!

Single Origin Roasters Cafe Surry Hills

Smoked trout, avocado & poached egg parcel w/organic quinoa, herbs & nut sad. Paired w/watermelon & strawberry fruit shot & “Killerbee Coldie” coffee- Killerbee blend w/honeycomb infused water & mandarin ($20)

On my first visit, the cafe was part of the Good Food Month Breakfast Club promotion, where SoR gets you the smoked trout, avocado & egg w/quinoa with a watermelon & strawberry fruit shot & killerbee blend, honeycomb infused coffee.

This is definitely the most economically sound breakfast I’ve ever come across. A main dish plus two drinks – I’m impressed!

Single Origin Roasters Cafe Surry Hills

Eggporn is always a part of my life

As for the taste, it’s all about putting eggporn and healthy ingredients front and centre – oozy yolk, buttery avocado, grainy quinoa and nutty textures all around. Oh, and the smokiness of trout, of course.

Very enjoyable, though oddly for some reason, the temperature of the dish bothered me. I know it’s meant to be a salad, but this morning it just felt a bit…too cold. As such, some flavours weren’t as pronounced as I expected them to be. Namely the trout.

On the other hand, what is essentially that watermelon gazpacho was delicious! Basically a slightly minty watermelon juice that’s thicker than usual, with the tarty flavour of strawberry. I wish I could have had another.

The dish portion should still be available in a similar form on SoR’s current menu – look out for it!

Single Origin Roasters Cafe Surry Hills

That Killerbee Coldie….so good

I didn’t actually know that the breakfast came with its own coffee, so imagine my shock when the killerbee coldie landed.

I pace my coffees pretty well throughout the week, so I never become tolerant to the effects of caffeine. Thus, three shots worth in one day…definitely got the buzzing going (I didn’t sleep till 2am that night).

That aside, this coffee is top sh*t. I’m not usually big on cold-drip style coffees (though I do appreciate them), but this was something else. It’s the honeycomb infusion – it adds an ever-slight sweet edge to the drink that’s tantalisingly refreshing. Simple, but effective.

My ideal summer coffeee….if only it were widely available.

Single Origin Roasters

Lentil & almond loaf w/twice cooked egg, creamed corn & chilli jam

I may have lost half of you when you read that this dish contains no meat, but hey, eggporn right?

The lentil & almond loaf w/twice cooked egg is all about the homely satisfaction of a nutty, warm “bread” that’s served with a deliciously sweet and savoury creamed corn, topped with a spicy kick from chilli jam.

I actually enjoyed this dish more than the trout, to be honest. It was just that much more satisfying. I was definitely in the mood for something warm today.

But there’s something missing…

Single Origin Roasters

So uh, they forgot our twice-cooked egg….oops

Where’s our twice-cooked egg?

Well, that’s awkward.

Single Origin Roasters

But the ensuing eggporn makes up for it 😀

It was an honest mistake, and one I hope won’t be repeated again. Forgetting eggs in a breakfast dish? No sir, you did not just do that. Thankfully, The Lady realised!

Single Origin Roasters

Buckwheat & brown rice coconut pudding w/coffee poached prunes & toasted coconut ($13.5)

As if the healthy options weren’t enough, I present to you one of the rare times when I have a sweet dish for breakfast. I figured if I was going to do a rice pudding, it may as well be a brown rice coconut pudding. The nutty texture of the brown rice is present, however for the most part it was cooked until softness dominated. A very pleasant mouthfeel.

The dish wasn’t overly sweet, which is fantastic, with most of the flavour delivered naturally via the coffee poached prunes and a dash of sugar syrup (or something similar).

I would not actually mind having this again – I’ve never had a cleaner breakfast, and I think my body thanked me in spades.

As far as this rookie is concerned, Single Origin Roasters knows their coffee, and they know a thing or two about food as well. If you’re ever around Surry Hills looking for your next cafe hop, why not mingle with the singles?

If you’ve visited, what do you think of Single O? Any other hidden gems around the area that’s worth visiting? I’d love to hear your comments below!

The Good:

  • The coffee game is strong with this one
  • Some unique and unexpectedly good food options

The Bad:

  • The food is not the highlight of your experience

The Ugly:

  • Where’s my egg?

F6 | S2 | A3
6/10 Caesars

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12 comments on “Single Origin Roasters | Surry Hills”

  1. Chris @ MAB vs Food Reply

    SIngle Origin is one of my favourite cafes in Sydney. I have been here so many times for their muffins (which I think are the best in the city) and their awesome coffee, obviously. Their poached eggs are pretty good too but I have issues paying almost $20 for their bacon and eggs on toast.

    • Michael Shen Reply

      Ohhh I was eyeing those muffins! I generally don’t eat them so I didn’t succumb to temptation, but if you say they’re the best in Sydney…

      I didn’t realise their bacon and eggs are that expensive – if only something like the GFM Breakfast Club special was always on!

  2. Ramen Raff Reply

    ok, I will try not to be all coffee nerdy on my comment but I freakin’ love Single O and I’m glad you like house blend the Reservoir Blend! It’s one of my favourite blends in Sydney with its radiant acidity and fruityness whilst providing some body for milk based beverages. I like the Killerbee blend too but I need to try it cold brew like yours next time! Awesome review dude!

    • Michael Shen Reply

      You can always be nerdy with me Raff – I know you’re big on coffee! Thanks for sharing your thoughts – and those would be the adjectives I was looking for! Coffee is GOOD!

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