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Saving the best for last isn’t usually great advice when you really think about it. Even more so when you’re under a time constraint – it’s why I already outed a massive spoiler alert when I called Flying Fish to have produced this year’s best Let’s Do Dessert.

But just because something is the best, doesn’t mean others can’t make a contribution. Case in point – did you see the cover photo? Holy crap! I had never heard of Signorelli Gastronomia before, but when its pastry chef Vincent Gadan puts up a vertical garden as its debut for Let’s Do Dessert, you know it’s going to draw a crowd.

Best of all, you don’t even need to make a booking. Now there’s really no excuses any more, is there?

Date Last Visited: 16/10/2014
Address: 48 Pirrama Road Pyrmont, NSW 2009
Booking Required: No

The bad news: not having been to Signorelli before, I should have provided a few photos of the restaurant. But that does lead immediately to the good news – we can get straight onto dessert!

Signorelli Gastronomia Let's Do Dessert

The Vertical Garden: frozen nougat, rose blossom loukoum, lychee jelly, raspberry yolk and pistachio wall.

If anything, it’s definitely the most visually interesting dessert I’ve seen out there. It does remind one of a vertical garden that we’re beginning to see more and more of in our buildings.

This is better though, because it’s edible 😉

It’s not just looks – this dessert is as capable in taste as it is in its ability to stand tall. The frozen nougat has the consistency of a “hard” ice cream, which tasted invigorating without being too heavy. Two kinds of crumbly texture are brought about via the pistachio crumb and chocolate crumbs, while tartness is delivered via the raspberry “yolk”.

There are a few superfluous elements to this dish (e.g. the two green sugar “antennae”) which are more for looks than taste, but overall, I was quite impressed by 2014’s new entrant.

Signorelli is now on the watchlist for 2015 when it comes about. It’s earned it!

If you’re feeling lucky, combo this with Flying Fish’s Let’s Do Dessert – they’re within a few hundred metres of each other!

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

7/10 Caesars

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