Rossini Cafe – Waterside Italian?

What up folks, oh has it been so soon? Didn’t notice because time flew by because I was EATING OUT SO MUCH 😀

This is an Entrée (remember this means a very short) review of the Italian-style cafe Rossini!

Note: photos were taken with a phone in low light so uhhh, not the best quality :S

Restaurant: Rossini Cafe
Number of Visits: 1
Date Visited: 7/09/2012
Address: 5f/1 O’Connell Street  Sydney NSW 2000
Specialisation: N/A
Good for: casual lunches/dinners, somewhat alfresco-style dining, classic Italian flavours
Not good for: carb-haters 😛
Go-to dish: Panzerotto

So me and le friend needed to kill time before the USYD Science Revue and I figured why not grab dinner first? As I’ve walked past Rossini several times before on the way to work, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

It technically does have a waterfront view, but it’s the type that dead-on faces the ferry wharfs so most of the time your view is obstructed by the ferries. Not particularly noteworthy.

Rossini Cafe Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken Parmigiana – chicken breast fillet topped with Napolitano sauce, slices of Sicilian eggplant, ham & mozzarella & parmesan cheeses, crumbed & pan fried. Served with green beans and roasted potatoes.

Well that was a rather long description for what we know as chicken parm.  The cheeses were great – mixing up mozzarella and parmesan was an interesting choice, but not sure if it really worked. It was hard to balance out the two types. Perhaps it was better off going with just one kind of cheese. That said, it didn’t overpower the chicken.

Speaking of the chicken, I believe they got the flavour right but kind of missed on the texture – the skin was a little too dampish/moist for my liking, kind of like soaking a schnitzel in water or something. That didn’t play too well with the chicken breast meat which did taste fine on its own (I separated to make sure), but considering how the dish is meant to be eaten, could’ve worked better.

Oh as for the eggplant? Barely noticed it beyond the confusion of the cheeses and the oddly textured chicken.

No complaints about the veggies – the beans were crisp and green as you can see, and the potatoes were quite savoury to wolf down!

We actually also shared a pepperoni pizza but I didn’t take a photo of it. The flavour was essentially the same as what you get from Domino’s or Pizza Hut – i.e. nothing special here. Don’t come to this cafe for the pepperoni pizza.

Rossini Cafe Panzerotto

Panzerotto – sugar-coated donut filled with sweet ricotta cheese and cinnamon

Rossini is purportedly famous for this particular dessert. I must say I liked it, even if it’s because I haven’t had something like it! It’s basically a fried, sugar-coated pastry that’s coated with a very warm and very generous chunk of crumbly, almost creamy like ricotta. The cinnamon adds that bit of spice to an otherwise totally sweet dessert. It actually works better than you think. If you’re not a fan of ricotta don’t go here but for those who want to try a warm dessert that’s not hot chocolate (heh) then you could do a lot worse than Rossini’s Panzerotto. At $7.50 a pop it’s a bit pricey, but something tells me their rent has something to do with this.

Overall, there is much better Italian to be had elsewhere BUT – and this is a big but – since we only tried 3 dishes, I cannot comment on the quality of the place as a whole. It is potentially worth a revisit. I’ll let you guys know 😉

I give Rossini Cafe a grand total of six Caesars out of ten – 6/10

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