Reuben & Moore – What’s In A Sandwich?

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I have to say, my experience with Reuben sandwiches is not particularly extensive. I generally avoid them, usually out of fears of ingesting one too many grams of carbs. Ah, the irony, when I easily fill up on carbs from so many other sources…

Still, times arise when you just need to cheat a little bit, and to be honest, fresh sandwiches, as long as they’re not laden with fatty condiments (hello mayo), are actually quite healthy. With that in mind, Reuben & Moore gets my attention on level 5 of Westfield food court, finally.

Date Visited: 8/1/2013
Address: Level 5 Cnr Pitt St Mall And Market St Sydney, NSW 2000
Go-to dish: none

There’s not much to say about the interior, as technically it’s the interior of Westfield food court itself. Having said that, R&M is slightly (very “slightly”) distinguished from many other stores here as it does sort of offer its own seating (with waist-high barriers and whatnot). I say very slightly, as the reality is anyone could probably take a seat and nobody could care less.

Reuben & Moore The Kate Sandwich - rare roast beef, onion rings & mustard

The Kate Sandwich – rare roast beef, onion rings & mustard on artisan bread – $15.5

My particular choice of sandwich was not actually a reuben, but this contraption called the “Kate Sandwich”.  Boy, it looks good, but boy, do looks deceive.

  • Props to the inclusion of an ample, AMPLE amount of roast beef. This sarnie is chock-full of it and it won’t leave you wanting more.
  • Problem is, if you don’t like particularly cold, rare beef as your sandwich filler, you’re better off with something else – such is the rarity of the beef used here. Props for freshness though
  • There wasn’t much flavour to the beef itself, more mustard would’ve gone a long way to alleviate this, but the fact that the roast beef itself wasn’t particularly well-seasoned spoke volumes
  • The onion rings were nice, with a good crunch and really balanced out the raw, slipperiness of the beef
  • The bread is the toughest I’ve ever had outside of bread that’s been exposed to the elements for a few days. I had serious difficulties munching through it.

Overall, it was a fairly unpleasant experience I have to say, there’s so much that could have gone better here that did not.

Reuben & Moore kate sandwich

It’s like the same shot, but closer!

Reuben & Moore The Rachel

The Rachel (Georgia Reuben) – pretty much a reuben except with shaved turkey instead – $15.5

The Lady got this “sort-of” reuben sandwich. Okay, I should probably define what a Reuben sandwich actually is:

A hot sandwich of corned beef, Swiss cheese, w/Russian or Thousand Island dressing, and sauerkraut
sandwiched between two slices of rye bread

As you can immediately imagine, many variants exist, and heck, some aren’t even hot. The Rachel appeared to be one of these sandwiches (at least how R&M served it) as it uses shaved turkey as a substitute for the corned beef.

  • A much more pleasant sandwich than The Kate, with more forgiving bread
  • Condiments are better tasting too – that’s to do with the sauerkraut which is delicious when prepare well. I wouldn’t say R&M has a particularly outstanding recipe, considering it felt a little too rough, and the flavour a bit watery, but overall it did its job well
  • The turkey was dry (this I totally expected), but acceptable if you drink appropriately – the dry bread doesn’t exactly help here
  • This sandwich is the opposite to the previous one in that I felt that there weren’t enough ingredients to go full on with the bread

It’s a halfway decent sandwich, but like The Kate, it could be so, so much better.

Reuben & Moore The Rachel

More turkey needed

So what’s my first (and so far, only) impression from this entrée-sized review? These sandwiches could do a lot better. They’re not…bad, but the dryness and toughness of the bread, coupled with the mediocre amounts of beef and condiments lead to a rather mediocre sandwich. Too tough, not enough ingredients. And that consistency, hard to believe The Lady’s sandwich was kinda sorta fine, while mine was like eating a carb rock. Easy issues to rectify, but will they be? Somebody tell me when they’re worth a re-visit, I always give second chances 🙂

One more thing I forgot to mention – since it’s a Westfield joint, the prices are absurd. You’re generally only $5 off from paying a full $20 for just a sandwich. Considering what you get…let’s just say I literally said the words “I’m still hungry” after I was done.

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

The Good: pretty slick-looking sandwiches, good quality ingredients between the bread

What could be improved: unfortunately looks is where the goodness stops – ingredients lacking, bread an exercise of the jaw to get through, consistency issues, ridiculously expensive for what you get

I give  a grand total of five and a half  Caesars out of ten – 5.5/10

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