Pizza By Wood – How Good Is Pizza From A Post Office?

GPO is an interesting place – it stands for “General Post Office” and indeed, to this day, there is actually an Australia Post there so the function still exists. For the most part however, it is home to the lower echelons of Macquarie Bank, but more importantly, home to a very impressive selection of restaurants, of which Prime is one. If you’ve read my review of Prime, you’ll realise that I quite liked it, despite its rather…exuberant prices (check this article out).

Luckily, GPO is the kind of places that delivers the same par of quality, but for much more reasonable prices. It is pizza, so it’s on a different level, but the sentiment is all the same. If you can’t resist a good pizza, you do yourself quite the disservice by not paying GPO a visit or three…


Date Visited: various, last visit 17/10/2012
Address: 1 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000 (GPO)
Go-to dish: salsiccia pizza

The ground floor (and lower ground) is actually very akin to a food court. As such, Pizza By Wood doesn’t have its own seating. Be sure to arrive outside of prime time hours, because seating is a precious commodity then.

GPO Pizza By Wood

You can see the chefs work their magic for the entire process, if you so choose

The open kitchen also doubles as the ordering area (to the right of that picture) and thus you have full visibility. None of this electric oven business, that’s for sure. You can definitely taste that in the pizzas.

Now, pizzas, ho!

GPO Pizza By Wood Tonno pizza - tomato base w/mozzarella, tuna & olives

Tonno pizza – tomato base w/mozzarella, tuna & olives – $14 (20cm), $18 (30cm)

Tonno is tuna, and GPO’s tonno pizza is appropriately named, generously layered with plenty of the stuff. It’s a very basic pizza in terms of design – only a tomato & mozzarella base serves as the underside, with a smattering of olives placed in the centre. Still, keep it simple has its place.

  • If you wait too long, the tuna will lose its texture and taste like bad canned tuna. I would not recommend eating this pizza after awhile – the cheese plays a big part in giving the tuna the illusion of melty goodness. Still, I’m not a big fan of tuna cooked this way in the first place, but I guess there aren’t many ways of making a tuna pizza
  • The base is classic Naple-style, with a crusty & crunchy exterior with a chewier interior, all done thin-n-crispy style. It’s great crust and arguably is as important to the pizza as the toppings are. Strong foundations make strong food; this being especially true for pizzas
  • The olive placement is very strategic – it’s a great palate refresher after you’ve had a few slices of the pizza and get overwhelmed by the cheese and the tuna. I find that it’s extremely satisfying to eat an olive in between each slice. Really helps to break up the pace. Of course, you should have other kinds of pizzas too…

Not a pizza I would order again, simply because I’m not a great fan of the cooking method for the tuna, but it’s a good one to try nevertheless, especially if you like tuna in that cooked, canned way.

GPO Pizza By Wood Tonno Pizza

Keeping it simple – just tuna, olives, and a simple base with simple cheese

GPO Pizza By Wood pepperoni pizza

Classic pepperoni pizza – nuff said (forgot price)

I don’t need to spend many words on this – it’s the classic pepperoni pizza. No evaluation of a pizzeria is complete without getting the classic pepperoni. Comments on the base remain the same as those for every other pizza here – great, though you may or may not be a fan of the occasional inconsistent charcoal burns.

  • This pizza is quite oily, as the picture clearly shows. It’s most definitely a guilt pizza, and best shared or you’ll get sick of it pretty quick
  • The pepperoni is excellent, full of bursty smoked flavour, it single-handedly makes this pizza awesome with flavour. Well, the cheese played its part too

I admit, I can and will order this pizza over and over.

GPO Pizza By Wood pepperoni pizza

That macro

GPO Pizza By Wood Spanola pizza - tomato base, mozzarella, ch orizo, spanish onion, basil & chilli

Spagnola pizza – tomato base, mozzarella, chorizo, spanish onion, basil & chilli – $15.9 (20cm), $19.9 (30cm)

If pepperoni pizza is a bit too pedestrian for you, give the spagnola a go. With a much broader set of ingredients, this sample more resembles the igredient-loaded pizzas you may get at fast food pizzerias. Not to say more ingredients is a bad thing, but mismatch and overcrowding is a real thing…

Not that the spagnola suffers from an overly complex ingredient constitution, everything plays very well together. The chewiness of the chorizo is offset by the watery crunch of the Spanish onion, while the basil and chilli add a spicier zest to the whole pizza which keeps you coming back for another piece. I often eat these pizzas whole by myself. Yeah…dang

Yeah this pizza is pretty good, if anything, it’s once again a super guilty pizza and you might not want to eat too much. Or you could be me, and indeed, wolf down an entire circle of doughy goodness.

GPO Pizza By Wood Salsiccia pizza - tomato base, mozzarella, Italian sausage mince, mushrooms & spinach

Salsiccia pizza – tomato base, mozzarella, Italian sausage mince, mushrooms & spinach – $15.9 (20cm), $19.9 (30cm)

And now, we come to my favourite. The one pizza that I almost always get with each visit to GPO. I can’t even pinpoint why exactly this is my favourite, but surely part of it is because I’ve never had a pizza that actually uses sausage mince before…whoa?!

  • There’s something very interesting, on a textural level, upon eating a pizza that uses sausage mince. Every bite is…interesting, and it’s always fun to chew on mince 😀
  • Using mince has a unique advantage in that flavour is enhanced through overall greater surface area of browning (from the Maillard reaction) and seasoning
  • Mushrooms add a very nice aroma (and I don’t even usually eat mushrooms!) which go well with the mince – there’s a reason why so many Italian recipes call for mushrooms!

And that’s pretty much it. No tricks, just great flavours and textures that makes this pizza a winner.

GPO Pizza By Wood Salsiccia

Another fine sample I had another day

GPO Pizza By Wood Salsiccia

And of course, that close up

GPO Pizza By Wood

Here is a picture of wood, because you know, wood. Pizza by it yo.

Yep, the post office is capable of producing some of the best pizza this side of Sydney. Have no doubt about that.

For another delicious post on pizzas, check out my review of Ormeggio At The Spit.

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

The Good: pizzas of excellent quality – great ingredients and cooking method, decent pricing too, quick service
What could be improved: variety and some choices that cater to more meat-loving consumers
I give  GPO Pizza By Wood a grand total of  eight and a half Caesars out of ten – 8.5/10

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  1. annie Reply

    we always enjoyed coming to GPO on a friday or saturday night since we’re more likely to get a table here without having to book esp for larger groups/ppl who decide to join or bail at the last min. lots of places to choose from as well. i absolutely loved the Salsiccia pizza when i was there last time mainly because of that sausage mince too.

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