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Disclaimer: I’m Still Hungry dined as guests of Parlour Lane Roasters. Opinions are however, my own.

For those who are caught up in the hustle and bustle of CBD toils can while away their breakfast hours at Parlour Lane Roasters – a conveniently-situated cafe right next to the State Theatre, perfectly situated to tackle on the city work milieu.

Naturally, this leads to its second function – grab a bite before the big show? PLR would have that covered. It’s got the looks to match too.

Date Last Visited: 5/9/13
Address: 47 Market Street Sydney, NSW 2000 
Recommended Dish(es): ham & cheese croissant

In retrospect, I should have come for their lunch selections, as breakfast was rather limited in what you can get – you have your usual museli, H&C croissants, omelettes, and salmon; not much else. This makes a bit of sense though – you’re generally at the city to work, so breakfasts aren’t a leisurely thing. Most items can be taken away, and indeed seem to be designed for such.

Parlour lane roasters sydney cafe

The colourful interior – the waitresses wear ears!

Parlour Lane Roasters bar area

Alcohol levels: fully stocked for your next yawn-inducing performance (in all seriousness, I’m partial to theatre)

Parlour Lane roasters sydney cafe

Classy interior befitting of a pre-theatre cafe

Parlour Lane roasters sydney cafe

A clever trick – if you sit on it, it still looks like you’re standing!

Its decor is quite nice, by any standards. The art deco fittings nicely complement its State Theatre neighbour, itself a venue full of class. PLR just oozes it – from the fine green ceramic adorning the walls, to the exquisite costumes to the right side, and the overall lighting setting the mood for that old-school vibe.

And then there’s those stools – too clever. You’re never really sitting then, are you? Standing by proxy? Full of character.

Parlour lane roasters latte and flat white sydney cafe

Latte & flat white.

Beginning any cafe breakfast of mine always involves coffee to start – the folks here do a mean coffee, though I’m a little disappointed that the latte art seems half-baked at best. I’m spoiled by Surry Hills quality here, so that’s the standard for me. In any case, taste follows form, and PLR delivers, at least for a non-aficionado like yours truly.

Ham & cheese croissant parlour lane roasters sydney cafe

Ham & cheese croissant – $7

This has got to be one of the most rustic ham & cheese croissants ever seen. Remember how I said the food here is meant to be taken away? This is the visual. While the presentation is a pretty major negative (comparison point – check out the H&C croissants from Palomino Espresso), the taste is pretty much right there. I’d have preferred more (or creamier/runnier) cheese, but this does a great job in priming my appetite. I was tempted to get another one – it is that good.

Two-egg omellete w/o cheese  parlour lane roasters Sydney cafe

Two-egg omellete w/o cheese – $12

Once more screaming “take me away and eat me without looking”, this omelette doesn’t look particularly appetising. This was sadly reflected in the taste of it as well – it was your classic omelette mistake – overdone, making the texture chewy and rubbery, as opposed to soft and fluffy. It was also slightly under-seasoned. I would not come back for this dish.

It’s really more like a well-done fried egg, than an omelette, I’d say?

Smoked salmon served w/2 poached eggs & spinach on toast Parlour Lane Roasters Sydney Cafe

Smoked salmon served w/2 poached eggs & spinach on toast – $14

This was the most unique item on PLR’s brekky menu, from what I could glean. It’s the best value as well – you get all this for just $14.

Overall, I liked it, particularly the smoked salmon – that was great. It was let down by the poor form in doing the eggs – as you can see, it wasn’t particularly runny, or golden. I got the feeling that fresher eggs could have been used. Further, there was inconsistencies between the two eggs – while the one on the bottom right is kinda sorta runny, the one on the bottom left has visibly solidified.

First time a cafe’s served two eggs of very different levels of done-ness to me. For poached eggs, that can’t have been intentional.

I appreciate how PLR serves cafe food at affordable prices, even in the bustling heart of the CBD, but if you’re looking for a mean, mean breakfast, there are other options to consider. For your quick fix and coffee though, you will love PLR.

I really should have come for lunch – it seems so tasty next the breakfast menu!

Bitemeshowme has a rundown of their lunch menu – which looks quite appetising!

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

Awesome: a great-tasting H&C croissant, great coffee, lovely decor

Not so Awesome: the other dishes on the menu require lots of improvement

6/10 Caesars

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14 comments on “Parlour Lane Roasters | Pre-Show Quick Fix”

  1. Trent @ Food Assault Reply

    The smoked salmon with eggs & spinach looks pretty good, however they need to work on the presentation of the omelette, it looks like something my nephews would make 🙂

    I really like the decor and colour scheme they’ve gone with, nice and vibrant.

  2. Sassy in Sydney Reply

    Your blog is very informative. I like it. Would you recommend any restaurants in Sydney for a 22nd? I’m thinking of like a fun, chill vibe. Not too expensive, but good food.

    • Michael @ I'm Still Hungry Reply

      Thanks for the kind words!

      In terms of birthdays, it usually comes down to just how many people you intend to invite, your budget (are you paying or is all Dutch), and what sort of cuisines you’d be interested in. Lots of factors to consider.

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