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For a talk on cold drip coffee hosted at Palomino Espresso, head here.

What makes a great cafe? Nothing special, really – cafes aren’t that unique when it comes to “success factors”. You still have your usual benchmarks – service, quality of food (with a greater emphasis on the coffee), and to an extent, the price and decor of the place.

For those lucky cafes that happen to be situated in hotspots such as the CBD, an extra point. So how does Palomino Espresso, a cafe based in Wynyard, fare? Read on to find the aromatic scoop.

I don’t think I’ll ever make coffee puns, ever.

Date Last Visited: 6/5/2013
Address: Shop 1 / 61 York St Sydney, NSW 2000
Recommended Dish(es): pie w/light salad on the side

This is one of those classic popular cafes – you hear about it, you look up reviews and find that they’re raving, then you finally arrive for yourself. Unsurprisingly, the line is quite long, almost reaching outside of the cafe with a small crowd of people milling in that area. The time was sometime between 10-11am: coffee time.

The place itself is quite small, with very limited seating. Definitely the kind of place where you’d want to grab and go.

Palomino espresso menu

One of those rare times when I post a menu photo

Palomino espresso cold drip coffee

Fire up the cold drip! Doesn’t this look familiar?

I don’t profess to be an expert at all (not even close) when it comes to coffee, but boy it’s pretty cool to see a cold drip machine. At that time, I didn’t even know what cold drip coffee was. Painstaking effort to produce it though it seems.

Gotta love a good latte palomino espresso

Gotta love a good latte – $3.5/$4 (N/L)

I’ve moved on from a flat white drinker to become a sort of a latte guy (with the occasion cap), maybe I like the latte art that you won’t get with flat whites. Maybe. Milk foam is wonderful, after all.

I’ve no qualms with the quality of PE’s coffee – it hits the spot, and hits it well. I didn’t even add sugar (I usually add half a packet or a bit more depending). Tastes as good as it looks, pretty much.

Superfood breakfast - quinoa & scrambled egg & kale palomino espresso

Superfood breakfast – quinoa & scrambled egg & kale: $10

The word “superfood” caught my attention – as much as it is usually used as a misleading buzzword as it is for my curiosity for what it might be. Indeed – quinoa? Alright, I see where you’re coming from.

From a texture perspective, it was really nice – the scrambled eggs are done so fine that they essentially become a coating for the quinoa. This is exceptionally difficult to do, and the result is a heavenly eggy taste on each bite. It’s like egg fried rice, but, you know, the “superfood” version.

Taste-wise, it was a little bland at first, but develops as you go through the dish. It’s a little inconsistent, though you could think of it as “it grows on you”. Adding some pepper for me fixed up that issue.

Ham & cheese croissant palomino espresso

Ham & Cheese croissant – $? (I don’t think it’s any more than $10)

Another dish that I tried on another visit to Palomino was their ham & cheese croissant. When I first saw it I resolved to have it the next time I visited – look at how yum that looks!

The croissant was a little drier than I had expected, while the ham & cheese were top notch. Overall, well made and full of savoury-ness.

Palomino espresso pie

Mmmm, delicious mince pie & tuna salad on the side: $10+$6 (if I recall)

Palomino is also known for their pies; naturally this means I have to order one.

I think it was a mistake of mine to order a side of tuna salad as this is a bit too heavy to pair with an already heavy dish. Indeed, the salad will sometimes take the spotlight. Speaking of the salad – generous portions, though I felt the tuna wasn’t as fresh as it could be (canned? Possibly).

The pie was lovely though – I didn’t expect there to be a significant amount of veggies in there, which definitely added some texture I didn’t anticipate.

Palomino espresso pie

The macro

I can see this place becoming a regular haunt for my coffee and H&C Croissants if I ever end up working close by!

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

Awesome: overall good quality food (and a great ham & cheese croissant!), great coffee

Not so Awesome: superfood brekky a tad under-seasoned, tuna salad doesn’t taste too fresh

7/10 Caesars

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