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Jamie's Italian Cover

Jamie’s Italian – A Mixed Bag

I’ve actually put off Jamie’s Italian for quite some time. I was probably going to continue putting it off until I’ve covered some other restaurants first but then I heard about how awesome one of their dishes is so I had to give it a go. As I was already going to be out every night for the next two weeks or so, it had to be a lunch! And so, on a Thursday, with Bonbon generously arriving there earlier to wait in the queue for me (and ordered too!), I arrived and began taking it all in.

In retrospect, it’s probably a very good thing that I was able to go into the restaurant with no queue and no need to order since the food does take a wee bit of time to get out. That’s not a surprise though since we did arrive at pretty much peak lunch hour. Thus, it’s totally forgivable. Besides, with the right company the time just flies past! Having said that, gotta be conscious of the amount of time one has for their lunch break…and it is a 10min walk each way to get there from where I work.


Bills Cover

Bills – Conflict of Interest

There’s this place called Bills on Crown Street in Surry Hills that does awesome breakfasts…

Well, so the rumours go. I have wanted to try out Bills for quite awhile now – I’ve heard that their breakfast menu is fantastic. As a big, big fan of brunch (just think of it as the lazy man’s breakfast *cough*) I just had to give it a try. Well, that was several months ago – my eating adventures and lack of an able brunch-buddy has precluded my long-awaited trip there.

Until last Saturday, that is. I was in the ever-charming company of Bonbon (henceforth referred to as The [one and only] Cracker) and with ASOC JASS ball ready to spring into (absolutely fabulous) action later that night, a brunch at Bills was in perfect order.

Restaurant: Bills
Number of Visits: 1
Date Visited: 15/09/2012
Address: 359 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Specialisation: breakfasts
Good for: breakfasts/brunches, somewhat alfresco-style dining,
Not good for: anything exotic
Go-to dish: those ricotta hotcakes mmm…

The immediate thing you notice is that it’s somewhat more colourful than other cafes. Bright yellow chairs, piles of fresh fruit and veggies of varying colours piled up behind display glass and a general sense of vibrancy to the place immediately put on a good atmosphere. A good start indeed! We sit down on a table for 2 between two other tables – but this didn’t feel very comfy so we switched to a corner-window table as soon as it was available. That’s how I ended up facing the cafe.


Rossini Cafe Cover

Rossini Cafe – Waterside Italian?

What up folks, oh has it been so soon? Didn’t notice because time flew by because I was EATING OUT SO MUCH 😀

This is an Entrée (remember this means a very short) review of the Italian-style cafe Rossini!

Note: photos were taken with a phone in low light so uhhh, not the best quality :S

Restaurant: Rossini Cafe
Number of Visits: 1
Date Visited: 7/09/2012
Address: 5f/1 O’Connell Street  Sydney NSW 2000
Specialisation: N/A
Good for: casual lunches/dinners, somewhat alfresco-style dining, classic Italian flavours
Not good for: carb-haters 😛
Go-to dish: Panzerotto

So me and le friend needed to kill time before the USYD Science Revue and I figured why not grab dinner first? As I’ve walked past Rossini several times before on the way to work, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.


Holy Basil Cover

Holy Basil – A Thai Delight

Hello fellow humans who eat food (which is most of you I guess), I’m going to be covering Thai today!

[UPDATE] a reader has astutely pointed out that Holy Basil isn’t 100% Thai – it’s technically a Thai/Laos fusion. The dishes are Thai while the spices and seasoning influences from Laos play a dominant role in the food. For categorisation purposes however, I’ll call it Thai as it is still essentially that. Thanks folks!

Restaurant: Holy Basil
Number of Visits: 5
Date Visited With Photos: 12/01/2012
Date Last Visited: July 2012
Address: Shark Hotel, 127 Liverpool St  Sydney NSW 2000
Specialisation: Curries, Sweets (dessert+drinks)
Good for: first/Nth dates, groups, dinner,  spice lovers, strong & rich flavours
Not good for: alfresco dining, quiet dining, people who like it mild
Go-to dish: fried ice cream

Pretty much everyone I know have been here, so most of this will seem familiar.


Masuya Cover

Masuya – Seafood Sensation

Let’s backdate a little. This was quite awhile ago, but it appears that it’s the earliest set of food photos I’ve taken with a DSLR. Why not start here!

First of all, the details:

Restaurant: Masuya Japanese Seafood Restaurant
Date Visited: 2/02/2012
Address: 12-14 O’Connell Street  Sydney NSW 2000
Specialisation: seafood
Good for: first/Nth dates, groups, lunch/dinner, takeaway,  seafood/Japanese lovers (could I be more obvious)
Not good for: cheap eats, alfresco dining, if you don’t like seafood (orly)  fine dining (yes expensive != fine dining)
Go-to dish: dat seafood boat….it can be considered as the sole reason for eating here

Now for some reason they’ve taken down the menus until further notice (as I write this blog post in Sept 2012) so I can’t provide you with the fancy names they usually give to their food. I’ll be describing them in my own awkward, Shenism-style way. Maybe.

Anyways, onto it.