Mister Gee Burger Truck

This has been done before. No really, this post has been done before.  Really, pretty much every blogger in the game has blogged about Mister Gee. If they haven’t, they want to. Every foodie has eaten at Mister Gee. If they haven’t, it’s because they’re bedridden.

In fact, I’m kind of wishing you have already visited Mister Gee – it would make my introduction to this burger-on-wheels business so much easier. Then again, I don’t think I needed to.

Because these are some of the best burgers you’ll ever have the pleasure of stuffing yourself with in this burger-crazed city. Let’s get this truck-show on the road.

Date Last Visited: 26/2/2015
Address: 315 Parramatta Road, Haberfield (current, may change)
Recommended Dish(es): all burgers in this post are recommended

Mister Gee Burger Truck

The line can easily get 3-4x as long as this. You’ve been warned.

Here’s how I’ll introduce Mister Gee:

A fellow who runs a black truck located on the grounds of a car wash. Its primary purpose is to flip burgers and sell them by the side of a rather noisy, busy road. Seating is limited, trading hours are limited (Thu-Fri-Sat, 6pm-sold out only), and bad luck if you arrive and they’ve already sold out. They only do one type of burger a week, one side, and one kind of drink. They don’t have vegetarian options, and don’t even think about using cutlery.

At least, you get napkins.

Mister Gee Burger Truck

You can kick things up a notch with these sauces. We didn’t need them.

And yet, you just cannot fault this truck. Because guess what, the burgers themselves? Second to none.

Put aside your expectations of fine dining-esque service, a comfortable place to park your rear, or the ability to get your order as you like it – you’ll be sitting on milk crates, possibly under the mercy of rain. But, you’ll be having this:

Mister Gee Burger Truck

The cheese boogie – beef, American cheese, caramelised onions, pickles and secret sauce ($10 single patty, +$3 extra patties)

This beast is the triple cheese boogie. It was my first Mister Gee experience, and it will be the one I’ll always remember – the first time is always uh, quite special.

The default pricing for a single patty comes in at $10 (regardless of what burger is served in any given week). With +$3 for each extra patty, this baby cost a shut-up-and-take-my-money $16. It was worth every last cent.

Mister Gee Burger Truck


What Mister Gee gets right with their burgers is the flavour balance. Its brioche buns are a perfect balance between fluffiness and integrity, and its subtle, buttery sweetness is a made-in-heaven match with the medium-rare patties. The buns aren’t toasted, which is a personal preference that I would have liked, but I forgot about that pretty quickly when I hit the meat of the matter.

Mister Gee Burger Truck

Can you handle the boogie?

Oh, my. Even writing about the patties gets me going like the acceleration on an F1. These beef patties are where Mister Gee excels most at – they’re superbly seasoned, and have the best texture of a burger I’ve ever had since the Rockpool Burger. Due to their rareness, they have no extraneous toughness at all, with an almost melt-in-your-mouth consistency and a smashing sense of “beefiness”.

Inspired by the classic cheeseburger, copious amounts of the stuff is on the cards (or buns), a tangy hit from the pickles, and you have a burger that seems so simple (what? Just cheese, beef and some pickles?), but one that wows on impact.

Beginners: don’t get a triple patty. You’ll make a mess of yourself with sauce going everywhere, and the buns possibly falling apart. A triple patty burger was never meant to happen, but I like living life on the edge. Hit me up when you’ve leveled-up.

Mister Gee Burger Truck

The Fat Boy – beef, jack cheese, lettuce, cabbage and bacon jam.

Yeah, I was sold. I knew I was going to be splashing cash at this place up when their next burger comes out. That turned out to be the above beauty – the fat boy. Drawing its cues from the classic American dirty burger, the fat boy, like its namesake, doesn’t hold back the pounds and punches – bacon jam, Montery Jack (not exactly a healthy cheese – and that’s alright), not skimping on either.

Surprisingly, the fat boy doesn’t fall apart despite all this saucy goodness. As such, a two-patty deal is highly recommended.

Which one do I like more – the cheese boogie or the fat boy? Honestly, they’re both fantastic. Please don’t force me to choose. That’s how good they are.

Mister Gee Burger Truck

Right – baklava shake ($6)

For those who are into a side of extra calories with their main course of calories, we have two options, the first of which is the baklava shake.

To put it short, I didn’t really want to order this. I didn’t think it would be worth the cost – a shake or an extra patty? The answer should be obvious.

That said, in the spirit of being a food blogger, variety is the key to a better post, so I flicked $6 and gave it a go.

It’s pretty good. If you’re a regular drinker of shakes from venues far and wide, it may not be that impressive to you. For me, this is a once in a blue moon kind of drink, so it did taste quite nice. Unlike actual baklava pastries, the shake isn’t overly sweet, so you didn’t feel like leaving half of the cup full (which would be such a waste).

Further, there are little bits of actual baklava in the shake which can be sucked up by the straw, a nice textural touch.

I’ll say this – gram for gram, I’d prefer the shake over actual baklava. Boom.

Mister Gee Burger Truck

Dirty fries with cheese, tomato and special sauce ($6)

For those who can’t see themselves eating a burger without chips, the dirty fries is where you need to park your mojo. I’ve heard they do chilli cheese fries as well, which sound even more awesome (me + chilli = I’m Still Hot). But I’m also partial towards getting down & dirty.

While you may be tempted to compare these with the animal fries from, say, In-N-Out Burger, I would refrain. While these chips are delicious, they’re as good as fries are in general. Nothing particularly exciting, though I did find the inclusion of tomato surprisingly satisfying.

I’d give this one a pass next time, but if I see chilli fries I’m totally getting my peppers on.

Now folks, brace yourselves. Can you handle the truffe?

Mister Gee Burger Truck

The Truffe – beef, American cheese, caramelised onions, pickles and secret sauce

This is Mister Gee’s magnum opus, their take on a “fancy”, pub-style gourmet burger. But of course, the truffe (pronounced like “truth”) dominates all.*

The “secret sauce” is evidently a truffle-based sauce. It invades your mouth without any pretension of subtlety. It’s the truffe, after all, and you had better be able to handle it.

In every foodie’s career, there are moments that are truly eye-openeing. For me, it was the discovery of a $10 (well, in this case $13) burger that redefined just how tasty a burger could get. The buns were almost perfect, the patty is something I cannot conceive improving, and the sauce is what I’d bathe myself in, if we didn’t abide by societal norms. Maybe I don’t really need friends after all, when I have the truffe.

Note: I’ve had the truffe twice, and the first time was actually quite disappointing. They didn’t get the patty’s seasoning right, nor was there enough sauce. My positive comments on the Truffe occasion from my second visit. Our hunch that Mister Gee had an off day on our first taste of the Truffe proved to be right. Sometimes, a second chance is all that’s needed to reach near-perfection.

Mister Gee Burger Truck

Um, yessss

I’ll just conclude it right here – in my most honest of opinions, Mister Gee’s burgers are, of all the one’s I’ve tried – Sydney’s best*.

Yes, they are better than Mary’s, they are better than Burger Bro?, they are better than Burger Project.

You may not believe me – after all, it’s a pretty big call to make. But then again, everyone does have to have a favourite, why can’t Mister Gee win the hearts of many a burger lover?

Mister Gee Burger Truck

Collaboration – FU Nitro (liquid nitrogen gelato)

Now, you may be asking – ok, I’ve smashed two burgers now (good on you, mate), what about dessert? Mister Gee has that covered for you too – at least, if you come on a Thursday or a Friday. For the next two weeks, on Thursdays and Fridays, FU Nitro is collaborating with Mister Gee to bring you the sugar hit that you need after your initial bovine hit. Can’t complain here.

Unfortunately, the flavours I’m about to describe are no longer available – as they rotate every week. Perhaps some incentive to keep on coming?

Mister Gee Burger Truck

‘First Kiss’ – vanilla rose gelato w/grapes, pistachios, strawberries & watermelon ($6.5)

The First Kiss gelato is evidently Black Star Pastry-inspired. The signatures are all there, and I’m pleased to say so is the taste. It’s like eating the cake itself, except no flour, and instead gelato. Of the two I tried on this particular visit, this was the crowd favourite.

Mister Gee Burger Truck

‘Get Lucky!’ – custard caramel gelato w/nut crunch & drizzled choc fudge ($5.5)

While seemingly like an orgy of deliciousness, nobody really got lucky with this particular flavour. The gelato tasted far too eggy, and as a result, other flavours failed to shine through. Perhaps FU Nitro’s cleaner, more refreshing flavours are the pick instead of their heavier goodies.

Mister Gee Burger Truck

Burgers and gelato, preferably to sliced bread

Let’s just say that this burger truck knows exactly how to hit my Gee spot. The new Burgerking has arrived. That’s all the conclusion you’ll need.

*If price isn’t a consideration, Mister Gee’s Truffe shares top spot honours with the Rockpool Burger. But, at $24, it’s not really in the same kind of price bracket. Make of that what you will – I’m just glad that there’s so much choice, as the burgers are quite different.

This post is based on four independent visits to Mister Gee Burger Truck

Do regale me with your best Mister Gee experience – I’m always around to share the love.

The Good:

  • These burgers are amongst the best of the best

The Bad:

  • The 6pm opening time has never been honored (all the worse when the burgers are so delicious)
  • Those who hate to wait will be disappointed.
  • First-time truffe experience was not up to scratch

The Ugly:

  • Limited opening days and hours
  • Difficult location (especially the current one – 315 Parramatta Road, Haberfield)
  • Please open a restaurant. We’ll even fund the kickstarter.

I have a new scoring system! Read all about it here.

Most important takeaway – three separate scores for food, service and ambiance to give the final score. The new system is not compatible with any score given prior to 11/11/2014.

F8.5 | S3 | A3
8/10 Caesars

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12 comments on “Mister Gee Burger Truck”

    • Michael Shen Reply

      Hi Jen, unfortunately I haven’t been to Five Points yet. As such, I can’t say! Some people prefer Mister Gee, some prefer 5P’s. Only one way to find out – gotta go try it yourself 🙂

  1. Yvonne Reply

    I can’t believe I haven’t tried Mister Gee’s yet… What kind of a food instagrammer am I?! Haha that said though, great pictures as always and I’ll try them soon because if your pictures cannot convince me, nothing can!

  2. Secret Diary Of A Foodie Reply

    My first experience was the Truffle, luckly I came on a good night, and it was love at first bite. Had dreams about the burgers ever since, so made another trip for the Cheese Boogie recently – alas, wasn’t so lucky this time around and the burger was a disappointment (overcooked, undersauced). The highlight of the last visit was actually the pavlova inspired ‘Unicorn Poop’ FU nitro gelato. Nevertheless, I will be back for round three, can’t live my life never trying a Fat Boy 😉 Hope they sort out the inconsistencies, its a bit of a drive!

    • Michael Shen Reply

      That gelato looked pretty delicious – I wonder if it really tasted as good as it looked!

      If you’re heading for the Fat Boy, say hi! I’ll be there getting fat also 😀

  3. Ramen Raff Reply

    “the first time is always uh, quite special” hahaha that asides, they do make mean burgers. They do amazing smash patties. Nice to see they are cooking em medium rare now. Photos look amazing bro!

  4. forfoodssake Reply

    Wheeeeeeee!!!! Excellent write up as per usual Michael!! So glad I was there for your second encounter with the Truffe, I always like to witness the magic in the flesh, see the eye’s widen, the smile form!! Also, next time I’m totally doubling a Mister Gee’s burger, I haven’t done it yet but its gonna happen!


    • Michael Shen Reply

      Hahahaha thanks Bianca! ‘Twas great seeing you there as well – burger lovers unite!

      Indeed, the look on someone’s face when they have their vir-geenity taken from them…sublime.

      Next time, double up or go home!

    • Michael Shen Reply

      They truly are THE burgers, without a shred of doubt.

      They’re actually not as big as you think they are – would comfortably sit in the palm of your hand. That said, it would still be the one meal for the day if you go double/triple!

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