Malay Chinese – Epic Laksa

This post is going to be really short, with only two photos *booo*. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken many here before (well…two) yet I’ve been many times. I suppose my “entreé” section needs some filling out as pretty much all my posts have been major reviews.

I’ve been to Malay Chinese Takeaway countless times, there are two reasons for that:

  1. So convenient to get to for lunch during my work placements
  2. Has one of the best laksas in the Sydney CBD area

Totally serious about point #2. I bold the “one of” part because unless you’ve tried every laksa joint in the CBD, you can’t really make the assertion. I am however, confident in asserting that Malay Chinese is on the leaderboards.

Date Visited: Multiple, latest visit 5/12/2013
Address: 58 Hunter St Sydney, NSW 2000
Go-to dish: Any laksa

For some reason, I totally spaced out and didn’t take any interior shots, or shots of the outside so you have no idea what it looks like. Some searches for other blogs on Urbanspoon will yield such pictures. Needless to say, there’s a decent amount of seating, but if you come during peak times, you’ll be clamouring to get a seat. It’s one of those places, I did say the laksa is good 😀

For an idea of where it’s at on Hunter St, here’s a streetview of the place:

In my many visits, I’ve had pretty much every type of laksa, as well as a few “specials of the day” that are as you imagine…available on a day-by-day basis.

Malay Chinese Beef laksa

Beef laksa – $8.5

Apart from the beef itself, comments made about the laksa here in general can actually be applied to almost every one of their laksas as the base used is the same. How convenient 🙂

  • I’ll say it again, the laksas are the bomb. Full of flavour, the spicyness and the milkiness of the coconut soup base is delectable, and is one of my favourite types of noodle soups next to Tonokotsu ramen.
  • It’s really oily – I usually only eat here once a month or so, as a super-cheat-day kind of thing. I’m confidant there’s at least half of your daily calorie requirements in one bowl (1000+ calories!). You can probably lessen the impact by not drinking the soup, but that’s just not me (bowl-clearer)
  • The noodles are awesome, I wished they could soak in more flavour, but considering that the laksa is made by pouring a scoop of noodles into pre-made soup, that isn’t really possible (this is fast food, after all)
  • They don’t skimp on the ingredients – you’ll get plenty of tofu and your meat of choice (beef in this case). Even if you order seafood, you’ll get at least 6+ prawns (and yes, they ain’t puny shrimp either, and totally as fresh as you could try and taste). Awesome stuff.

You’d only dislike the laksa here if you have serious qualms about oily soup. And even then, good luck resisting 😛

Malay Chinese assam laksa

Asam Laksa – $8.7

A special of the day I ordered at another time was the Asam Laksa (or Assam). This type is not commonly found in Western countries but there should totally be more exposure here. It’s made with sour fish sauce (the sour part comes from the addition of tamarind). Common ingredients are shredded fish/seafood, meats, and thinly sliced veggies. It’s vastly different to the common penang laksa (above) as the soup is so different.

Some people dislike asam laksa due to the fishiness, so to determine whether you’ll like it or not…take a whiff of fish sauce and see how you fare.

  • Malay Chinese makes a great asam laksa in addition to its penang staples. The soup is tangy and “fishy”, and oddly enough, a great cure to a blocked nose (yeah that happened)
  • Ample ingredients, as expected, lot of meat and a heap of veggies that almost rival the amount of noodles

They should just make this a permanent menu item. It certainly gets enough orders whenever I see it being listed as a daily special.

So what’s the final verdict on Malay Chinese?

If you’re even remotely close by, go. It doesn’t blow your wallet, service is quick, and your tummy will thank you.

P.S. their char kway teow – give that a go. It’s delicious.

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

The Good: the laksa really is up there with the best in Sydney, convenient location, decent pricing

What could be improved: a little less oil would be good, I question the cleanliness of the place (yet I don’t care for it)

I give  a grand total of eight and a halfCaesars out of ten – 8.5/10

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12 comments on “Malay Chinese – Epic Laksa”

  1. Cynthia Reply

    I tried Malay Chinese once. Ordered the seafood laksa. Yikes. Turned me off this place. I personally LOVE Jimmy’s at the Galleries. Their laksa is delicious all the time. I may give this place another go but I’ll definitely NOT be ordering the seafood laksa. hahhaha.

  2. Priscilla @ Reply

    Its definitely coming up to the season for laksa. I do like this laska place but I have to admit I prefer the one at Wintergarden – close by. I don’t remember what it’s called but it love their beef laska. The beef is chunky, sinewy and soooooo tender. I like my meat chunky!!!

    • nclfrk799 Reply

      The one near Wintergarden…hmm I /think/ I may have been to it but alas, I also can’t remember the name :O

      I think Malay Chinese has the option of extra toppings if you pay a dollar or something, not sure if that rumour is substantiated or not.

      But yes, chunky beef <3

  3. annie Reply

    i walked past this place a few times and have always wonder if it’s good or not. should give it a go next time i feel like having malaysian food as it’s much closer to where i work than mamak and malay village

    • nclfrk799 Reply

      Hey Annie,

      Indeed, I’ve done the same thing for over a year before a friend practically pushed me in the door to try. So glad she did! If you go, try to avoid going between 12:30pm-2pm as the traffic gets INTENSE.

      I also do not recommend getting takeaway as I have this sneaking suspicion that the portion size is smaller with that…

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