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So…this Thai cafe & restaurant in the…limelight huh.

Oh man, it’s a good thing I don’t get paid to write. Actually, maybe that’s why I don’t get paid to write.

Anyways, I begun my dining experiences across the bridge with Thai – my second-most favourite cuisine (Japanese being first). Looking around on various sites eventually led me to Limelight Restaurant which seems to have a thing or three going for it. Why, it’s time for Thai (not related to the restaurant of the same name…I’m not the only one armed with lame puns).

Name: Limelight Cafe & Restaurant
Date Visited: 1/09/2012
Address: 62 Clark Rd North Sydney 2060
Good for: great Thai food, some of it unconventional
Not good for: if you don’t like spicy/strong flavours (avoidable with dish choice)
Go-to dish: penang curry with chicken & veggies

Limelight Restaurant

Sitting Egg – 2 seared king prawns with toasted coconut, fresh lime, ginger, red shallot, crushed peanut and a touch of chilli wrapped in betel and egg nest served with tamarind sauce

I haven’t really had anything like this before. But I need to warn you – an appreciation of ginger is required to really enjoy this one.

This dish is almost like a hot ‘pocket’ of ingredients. Fresh hot prawns with a delicate springy texture come generously covered in peanuts and a crispy egg batter. This pretty much addresses all concerns of texture. As the saying continues on – crunchy is good. Flavouring comes courtesy of the herbs and spices that are generously mixed into a crushed ginger-based dressing. It’s a bit punchy, but that’s because I’m not crazy about ginger.

What makes this dish worth eating is how it was made – quite unique! Definitely an entrée worth trying out. You know, if you’re partial to ginger.

Limelight Restaurant

satay chicken skewers

For our second entrée, we got something far more traditional. I don’t really remember why we opted for a safe option, but at least being safe as it was, it worked out quite well as far as taste is concerned.

I don’t have too much to say about the chicken – apart from it being a little tough and a little dry on the inside, it was cooked fairly well, with a reasonable amount of grilling (as seen by the sear marks) and goes wonderfully with the homemade satay sauce.

Not sure why bread was provided, but hey I’ll take free carbs any day.

Limelight Restaurant

penang curry with green beans, pumpkin, potatoes, long chilli & basil w/chicken

Another safe choice, but Limelight is apparently known for their rendition of this curry. I can see why though – it’s one of the best penang curry’s I’ve tasted. Creamy smooth with crunch vegetables and that curry spice that’s just so tantalizing.

Of course, the chicken is also important and in this particular case they got it nailed. Juicy pieces that aren’t too large and cooked all the way through. Tenderrrrrrrrrr.

The curry is as good or better than Holy Basil, easily.

Kind of wished I had some naan bread with it. That would’ve made for a terrific combination.

Limelight Restaurant

stir-fried bok choy, carrot, snow peans & mushrooms in oyster sauce w/squid + baby octopus

Rounding out the meal for the night is the second main (we went somewhere else for dessert). I was pretending to be healthy so I got this stir-fry which turned out to be a wee bit more oily than I’d have liked. Oh well, it got plated, so I’m eating it (because this logic works when you’re trying to maintain weight).

Not that the stir-fry is bad though. On the contrary it’s quite good – it’s all in the vegetables. Veggies that need to be crisp and crunchy are, the mushrooms are tender (though I don’t particularly like mushrooms anyway), while the squid is tough as squid is, but not un-chewable. The octopus was a mixed bag though. That ick-factor is always something on the back of my mind when I eat a complete octopus. *shudder*

Limelight Restaurant is easily worth your consideration if you like Thai and you happen to be around the North Shore area.

The Good: it’s great Thai food, pure and simple

The Bad: advice for any restaurant – don’t expect to enjoy dishes that have ingredients you don’t like! Some dishes a bit too oily.

I give Limelight Restaurant a grand total of seven and a half Caesars out of ten – 7.5/10

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