Jimmy’s Recipe – Nobody Makes Laksa Like This

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on that awesome laksa place Malay Chinese, firmly concluding that while it’s impossible to find a definitive “best of” restaurant, it was certainly one of the best when it came to laksa. It is the haunt of many a hungry businessperson during lunchtimes, with queues that defy imagination (well, you could imagine a longer queue actually…)

Another laksa eatery that shares all of those above properties (including being located in the city too!) is Jimmy’s Recipe. Personally, I know more friends who are fans of Jimmy’s than Malay Chinese, primarily due to uhhh…hygiene concerns, but when it comes down to the most important factor – taste, they’re both great to scratch your laksa itch.

Date Last Visited: 12/12/2012
Address: 500 George St Sydney, NSW 2000
Go-to dish: Laksa, definitely the laksa

Oddly enough, on this particular visit, I didn’t end up ordering laksa for myself (instead opting for their pho), which kind of expectedly turned out to be a mistake. Still, I’ve got pictures of friend’s laksa 🙂

Jimmy's Recipe vegetarian laksa

Vegetarian Laksa – why would anyone get this?

I kid, the laksa served here is all the same – after all, they have the same soup base and base toppings. The only real differences lie in the toppings. I generally prefer it with chicken, as Jimmy’s beef isn’t as good as Malay Chinese’s .

I’ve noticed there’s a trend towards mixing vermicelli noodles with laksa noodles these days, and I believe it’s a good thing – always love a bit of variety with my noodles. The laksa noodles are essentially Hokkien, with a thick, bold texture and is capable of absorbing the flavours of the soup to an extent. The vermicelli on the other hand, delicate.

The soup base, which is really what it’s all about, is amazing. It’s less oily than most others, yet tastes great despite that. Almost refreshing, really.

Combine this winning recipe with some very fresh toppings (the vegetables are actually really fresh and crunchy – just look at that green), and you have a winning laksa. Beautiful!

Jimmy's Recipe vegetable laksa

Mixed noodles!

Jimmy's Recipe beef pho

Beef Pho

Simple as they go – don’t get the pho here. Jimmy’s is famous for its laksa, but this fame does not spread beyond that. The beef is dry and uninspiring – barely any flavour and has a strange taste to it, while the soup base is bland and watery.

The price of specialisation ahhhh….

As long as you stick to their laksa, you’ll be in high heaven, guaranteed. This has never been more true than now, where the cold weather just begs for a steaming hot bowl of laksa. Don’t you agree?

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

The Good: the laksa is amongst the best you can get in Sydney

What could be improved: the pho is amongst the worst you could get in Sydney

8/10 Caesars

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8 comments on “Jimmy’s Recipe – Nobody Makes Laksa Like This”

  1. jrsyd51 Reply

    Have you tried the Pho place Madam Nhu’s in the foodcourt in the Galeries in the CBD? Best pho. I prefer Hunter Street Laksa too-wish I was in Sydney right now and I’m still hungry despite having laksa at home in Amsterdam!

  2. SimonFoodFavourites Reply

    i’m still a bigger fan of Malay Chinese over Jimmy’s although much easier to get a seat at Jimmy’s. Another place i like is Ipoh On York. lots of seating, fast service, looks much cleaner than the others and do a decent laksa

    • Michael Shen @ imstillhungry.net Reply

      Aye Simon, I actually like Malay Chinese more as well! I’ve had mixed feelings about Ipoh on York however; of the three times I’ve been, the laksa has always tasted a but less…flavoursome.

      But my yes, its decor is so much more confidence-inspiring – my friends often question the hygiene of the other laksa places.

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