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[UPDATE] Ippudo Sydney will open a new, second location at Central Park: Level 1 RB07, 28 Broadway Chippendale 2008 in the middle of September.

If you haven’t yet, please read about my first visit (and review) to Ippudo here. My latest review of Ippudo can be found here

It’s been a few months since Ippudo Sydney has opened and it still draws a line during the peak hours. That’s no surprise – as my first review confirms, this a fine ramen establishment. Since that time, I visited Ippudo again to try out some of the other stuff on their menu, check it out!

Date Visited: 20/12/2012

Ippudo Sydney

Ippudo Chashu Gohan – pork belly with rice

Yes, it’s a ramen joint, but it (usually) doesn’t hurt to be curious about their other offerings as well. The chashu (pork) gohan (rice/meal) is a nice, but ultimately small portion that’s meant to serve as a snack/side to your main meal – probably ramen. The pork itself is sweet and almost teriyaki-like, and tastes dandy. Fits quite well with the umami of the dried seaweed, come to think of it.

The rice is also bingo – perhaps a bit soft and mushy, but overall nothing really wrong with this small bowl of fun!

Ippudo Sydney

Ippudo Sydney

Mentai Gohan – spicy cod roe on rice

The rice here is the same rice as above, so the real difference lies in the cod roe. If you have the roe by itself, it’s packed with salty flavour – and it should, because it’s the only thing in the bowl that’s really bringing in the flavour. Do mix it thoroughly!!!

It’s a bit of a boring palate overall though – kind of like putting soy sauce into rice – which works and tastes good for a quick fix, but you would do much better getting something more interesting.

Ippudo Sydney

Ippudo Sydney

Shiromaru Motoaji – tonkotsu broth w/medium-hard noodles, pork loin, cabbage, black mushrooms & shallots.

The original Hakata-style ramen, this is what I should have ordered when I first went, but no matter – I’ve now had them all.

I must say, I actually didn’t expect myself to like this particular ramen as much as I did. It seemed to be the most “vanilla”, but in this case, vanilla really did shine. The broth is light (for tonkotsu), and doesn’t leave that aftergrime/slimy feel you’d get from Gumshara (but that’s what you’re asking for when you go to Gumshara). It’s more on my level as I’ve always said Gumshara is just a tad too rich for me.

In addition to the great texture of the soup, the flavours are pretty spot on too – a bit too salty, but otherwise captures the porky nature of the soup base well, and is a delight to drink.

As for the noodles, I actually specifically requested medium-hard noodles (remember Ippudo allows this!) and what I got was something that was very close to what my idea of perfect noodle hardness should be for ramen. Your tastes may vary – but that’s awesome, because Ippudo caters to it. Just order it softer or harder and trial and error it out. Good to have the option, right?

Ippudo Sydney

mmm check out those medium-hard noodles…*drool*

Yep, Ippudo still has this in the bag. They’re sure to stick around as an awesome ramen-ya for some time yet!

Ippudo Sydney

earthquake risk right here. Good thing Australia’s geographically tame isn’t it?

My rating for Ippudo remains unchanged as of the first review.

For my first visit & review of Ippudo, click here.

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