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I suppose it would be easy and lazy for me to just say “look at the review for Chat Thai” and call it a day but the story isn’t that easy. If only it were.

It is close, but Home Thai, as the other premier Thai haunt in Sydney city, has many offerings of its own, and where it does match the Thai of other restaurants, it’s never quite the same.

It was the first “mainstream” Thai place I heard of, many years ago, and it remains a classic favourite of mine to this day.

Date Last Visited: 5/1/13
Address: Shop 1 – 2 / 299 Sussex Street Sydney, NSW 2000
Go-to dish: Lad Nah (gravy noodles)

I’m not going to make some weird pun about Home Is Where the Heart Is (oops), but if your idea of a homely place is a rowdy place, Home Thai’s got you covered.

Actually, it’s definitely a little overcrowded – Home definitely tries to squeeze as many seats as it can into its two-story premises and as a result, we often sit close enough to other groups that we can hear their conversation over the roar of the restaurant as a whole (and trust me, the restaurant as a whole is quite loud), and it gets kind of awkward.

Group dining environment? Definitely and recommended.

Home Thai interior

Visible kitchen = yayer

Props to the open kitchen – gives you something to entertain yourself with while you’re waiting in line (and yes, at peak times, there’s a 99% chance that there’s a queue at least 5-8 parties deep in front of you).

I’ve been to Home Thai maybe around 6-7 times now, and with the exception of a few dishes (which I don’t order any more), I just never get tired of it.

Home Thai spring rolls

Fresh spring roll – wrapped w/chicken mince, Chinese pork sausage, cucumber, tofu, bean sprouts, egg & crab meat on top. Served w/sweet tamarind sauce – $9.9

Why this looks familiar doesn’t it – yes, it’s the same spring rolls from Chat Thai. On this latest visit, I happened to visit Chat Thai the very next day and thus I decided to order these spring roll at both Home and Chat. Comparison time!

  • Home Thai’s version is a little saucier than Chat Thai’s, that’s the biggest difference really. If you find that the spring rolls are a bit dry, then you know where your preference is
  • But in general, both are quite nice – if you liked the spring rolls in one, you’ll like them at the other place

For the full scoop, please refer to the Chat Thai review 🙂

Home Thai fresh spring rolls

Home Thai Kao Kreab Pak Mhor - steamed rice flour w/sweet peanuts, palm sugar & pork mince

Kao Kreab Pak Mhor – steamed rice flour w/sweet peanuts, palm sugar & pork mince – $6.5

This is a rather unique entree that I haven’t had at other Thai places before – not sure if other places have it (never really paid attention). The difference an illustrated menu makes…yes, I would not have taken notice of this entree otherwise!

  • The vibrant purple colour is something you notice pretty quickly. It’s definitely an eye-catcher. I wonder where the purple colouring comes from…I sure hope it’s natural (taro?)
  • The unique look actually does reflect in the taste – texture-wise, it’s very chewy, kind of like the texture of those prawn dumplings you eat at yum cha. Slightly glutinous, and tears apart softly. It’s got a pretty good taste
  • Them innards are quite nice – a crunchy yet mushy filling of nuts and pork mince makes for an aromatic combo; I only wished there were more of it though – the ratio of wrapping to filling was a bit too much – the glutinous nature of the skin surely playing a part

Overall, a pretty good entree that I recommend you try if you haven’t before.

Home Thai kao kreab pak mhor

Lad Nah (gravy noodles) - stir fried flat rice noodles w/Chinese broccoli in gravy bean sauce w/chicken

Lad Nah (gravy noodles) – stir fried flat rice noodles w/Chinese broccoli in gravy bean sauce w/chicken – $11.9

Mmmmmm gravy noodles – pretty much a staple Thai dish I get if sharing options are available. They’re SO GOOD! Rich gravy that isn’t so thick (it’s not like KFC gravy which is “dense”) with the result that it doesn’t feel too oily to taste.

Yeah, that’s why I can eat so much of this stuff, and the excellent quality of the flat rice noodles does absolutely everything to add to its appeal.

Great noodles? Check.
Crunchy vegetables? Check.
Decent chicken? Check
Awesome gravysauce. Check.

Enough said (Y).

Home Thai gravy noodles

Home Thai Chicken Gang Kew (green curry) - green curry paste w/coconut milk, cherry eggplant, apple eggplant, basil, lime leaf & red chilli

Chicken Gang Kew (green curry) – green curry paste w/coconut milk, cherry eggplant, apple eggplant, basil, lime leaf & red chilli – $13.9

I had originally wanted to order jungle curry, but quite hot and I didn’t want to burn off The Lady’s tastebuds, so I settled for a milder green curry to finish things off.

  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of Home Thai’s ventilation (pretty much none), and the fact that it was a hot summer’s night and that there was a dearth of water (the service is not too great at peak times), the curry was still quite hot. It’s sure to happen if the above conditions are met. Dress appropriately 😉
  • Otherwise, it’s a pretty good curry – milky but not overwhelmingly so, great chicken and the eggplants add a creamy texture to the dish. It’s a great curry that’s a good staple if you’re not into any unique curries (like seafood)

Home Thai green curry

Short post, but there’s really only a few things to say about Home Thai – well worth many visits!

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

The Good: food is excellent in general, overall spicy palate very becoming

What could be improved: minor improvements to ingredient ratios

I give  a grand total of  eight and a half Caesars out of ten – 8.5/10

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11 comments on “Home Thai – Second Home Indeed”

  1. Ja Reply

    The purple color in Kao Kreab Pak Mhor is from Butterfly pea flower. Normally its blue but once mix with lemon or lime juice, it becomes purple, purely natural 🙂

  2. Marquita Reply

    Hi, Neat post. There’s a problem together with your web site in internet explorer, might test this? IE still is the market chief and a huge component of folks will miss your magnificent writing due to this problem.

  3. OT Kelli Reply

    I was interested in how it compares to Sailors Thai in the Rocks so thanks

    • Michael Shen @ imstillhungry.net Reply

      I haven’t been to Sailor’s Thai, so unfortunately can’t make that comparison.

      I’m skeptical though – Thai is generally not the kind of cuisine that lends itself well to the fine dining treatment. Sailor’s Thai is likely to just try and use more unique ingredients. In the end though, I’m doubting the effect would be /that/ awesome. It’ll be good, but I’m going to question its value.

      Kind of like Longrain actually…

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