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Definitely there is an air of class as you walk into Luke Mangan’s flagship Glass Brasserie. From the dominant use of transparent facades of glass (oh really), to the mural-sized abstract adorning the wall. Lit predominantly by golden candlelight, Glass puts off a sexy, classy vibe from the get go and it only gets better from there.

I managed to visit the place for dinner without a reservation, though considering it was a Monday that may not be too surprising. Refreshing nonetheless, as it’s been awhile since I’ve done a walk in to a fine dining restaurant (erm, like, never)

Name: Glass Brasserie
Date Visited: 1/10/2012
Address: 488 George Street, Sydney 2000
Good for: great contemporary dining
Not good for: cheap eats
Go-to dish: organic egg omelette w/blue swimmer crab, enoki mushroom & herb salad, miso mustard broth

Glass Brasserie

Pretty good looking, aye? Can’t believe I’ve walked by it all this time without actually having gone in. Good thing that got rectified (and once again with the Glass Brasserie Sugar Hit).

This was to be a light dinner, so it was really more a selection of entrées and one main. Still, plenty of variety was had, but a degustation is definitely in order next time.

Glass Brasserie

braised pork belly in orange & kombu, tiger prawn,
green mango & shitake

We’re off to a good start with the pork belly. It’s quite tender and soft, and very tasty in its own right. The aromatic porky flavours come off well balanced with the mushrooms, while the orange & mango reduction deliver a tangy edge which somewhat suppresses the stronger flavours of the pork. It’s not as good as the pork belly at Aria, but it’s still tasty in its own right. I think the lack of good crackling might have had something to do with it.

Glass Brasserie

Hiramasa kingfish sashimi ginger, eschallot, Persian feta

A signature dish of Glass, the Hiramasa kingfish sashimi! My favourite kind – a version of farmed kingfish that has a higher fat content and is firmer in texture. It’s barely noticeable, but why not take the best while you’re at it?

I’m a bit skeptical of its use with so much ginger – I’m not really a fan of ginger unless it’s just used as a light seasoning…

…but the use of such an amount of ginger (it’s pretty much covering the sashimi) actually works really well – the ginger isn’t strong (which is the problem I have with ginger in general), and the pickling works immensely well with the kingfish. It completely kills off any potential ocean taste (which shouldn’t exist anyway) and helps give a bit of texture to the fish. For a bit of cheesy creaminess, the feta goes quite nicely with the whole shebang. It’s a really yummy dish! Even people who shy away from the prospect of eating raw fish ought to give this a go – you won’t really taste the rawness.

Glass Brasserie

. organic egg omelette w/blue swimmer crab, enoki mushroom & herb salad, miso mustard broth

Another signature of Glass is their omelette. Something so basic, yet incredibly satisfying. I thought omelettes could only reach a certain level but oh BOY was I wrong. This omelette is packed with flavour and texture goodies. The egg itself is absolutely sublime, with perfect texture. You all have your own idea of a perfect omelette. Chances are this will amaze you nonetheless.

What really makes the dish something special is what it’s cooked with – it’s that miso mustard broth. You’d think that introducing a liquid element to an omelette would just make it rather distasteful, runny liquid and all that. I thought that too. Turned out that I wanted extra spoonfuls with each bite of the omelette – it’s a fantastic broth. I wouldn’t dare compare it to that broth I had in Japan (then again they’re quite different), but it’s something that, once you have it, you go “dang – this broth totally works with the omelette!”

It really does, and I urge anyone who visits Glass to try the omelette if you like omelettes in the first place.

The addition of the extra goodies – the swimmer crab (tender and juicy) and enoki (as expected), while extraneous, are not unwelcome and it’s a case of more food = better 🙂

Glass Brasserie

seared Spring Bay scallop in XO sauce

Last we have scallops cooked Asian style. There’s not much to say here really since the scallops are well cooked – the searing is just right, there’s no burn and the flesh on the inside is soft and chewy. Flavours are subtle as they are for scallops, the XO pairing was long ordained in heaven. It’s nothing special, but it’s still a tasty dish regardless, and recommended if you’ve a scallop craving.

Definitely coming back to Glass again.

The Good: very classy decor, some very good signature dishes

The Bad: some dishes don’t stand out. I didn’t get to try their degustation 😛

I give Glass Brasserie a grand total of eight Caesars out of ten – 8/10

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