Four Ate Five – Best Name Ever

What a sweet “coincidence” that this Surry Hills café’s address is actually 485 crown street. Five will never be the same after four takes a bite out of it.

There’s always a queue outside the place – they’re really known for their coffee, and to a lesser extent, their food as well. Many months ago in 2012, a friend and I intended to go there but we couldn’t because the queue was just too long. Finally, I got my chance.

Took forever, this one.

Date Visited: 2/2/2013
Address: 485 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Go-to dish: homemade creamed corn topped w/two poached eggs & crispy bacon, served w/organic sourdough toast

It’s not a particularly big cafe – I don’t think it could comfortably seat more than 20 people on the inside.

Four Ate Five communal table

There’s one communal table which accommodates around 10 people or so.

Part of the reason for that is because it’s quite a narrow café, feels like a long rectangular strip.

Four Ate Five interior

Kitchen right at the back there you see

Four Ate Five art

“Just chillin”

Apparently, it also won an award for its food in 2010, now my expectations are really getting amped.

Four Ate Five

Okay I’ve given you plenty of pictures that aren’t of food. Let’s fix that.

Four Ate Five Homemade creamed corn topped w/two poached eggs & crispy bacon, served w/organic sourdough toast

Homemade creamed corn topped w/two poached eggs & crispy bacon, served w/organic sourdough toast

This is their signature dish. Creamed corn you ask? Well it’s definitely not of the canned variety that’s for sure.

  • The eggs were stellar as you’d imagine of any Hills cafe
  • Bacon had great crunch, and was a very important source of flavour for the whole dish
  • As for the corn itself – very nicely creamed. None of that artificial flavour you taste in the canned stuff. Fresh and quite aromatic actually
  • The sourdough toast was a bit hard for my liking, but eat slow and you’ll make good work of it

Already my go-to dish 😀

Four Ate Five creamed corn

Quite a pretty plate – lots of colours!

Four Ate Five French toast stuffed w/bananas & served w/maple syrup, mascarpone & rhubarb

French toast stuffed w/bananas & served w/maple syrup, mascarpone & rhubarb

As usual, The Lady always gets something sweet for her brunch (how does she do it? SAAAA MUCH SUGARRR). The French toast w/bananas is just insane. Insane!!!

Four Ate Five french toast inside

Showing you this picture for the banana-rey insides 😀

  • The toast itself is extremely tough – you won’t really be able to cut this apart with knife and fork. Well, you will eventually be able to, but it will take you a lot of time and effort. Sourdough French toast (Y)
  • Oh my, those bananas inside the toast. I think this is pretty clever – haven’t encountered it before. It’s almost like a reverse French toast! Bananas were hot and delectable. Love bananas!
  • Though The Lady couldn’t see the point of mascarpone, I found it to go very well with the toast, adding a smooth texture which gives the illusion of softer bread. Love mascarpone.
Four Ate Five French toast

Way too little depth of field here. Way too little.

And that concluded our short stint at Four Ate Five (or Fouratefive as Urbanspoon calls it). Overall a pretty good café; I sure wish something was done about the toughness of that toast though…

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

The Good: great signature dish, French toast is a guilty pleasure

What could be improved: the toughness of the bread

I give  a grand total of  Caesars out of ten – 7/10

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4 comments on “Four Ate Five – Best Name Ever”

    • nclfrk799 Reply

      Yeah, it just didn’t seem right for what French Toast should be. I can think of a few people who would love to sink their teeth into hard bread though…for whatever reason.

  1. foodiepop Reply

    What is the point of French toast that has such tough bread? If you can’t cut through it easily with a knife and fork, then that’s not acceptable to me. It’s more of a sandwich instead.

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