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Something sweet, specially created for Good Food Month, paired with a glass of dessert wine from Yalumba, this year’s GFM wine sponsor. That’s the simple, but delicious premise of the Let’s Do Dessert series; a creation for those with a tooth sweeter than most.

I would know, given I did seventeen(!!!!!!) of them in 2012, and also a decent run in 2013. How I’m not living on the streets (with diabetes!) is beyond me, but I survive for another year.

This time around, sanity takes hold and I decide to be selective with what I put in my stomach. As such, it only made sense to try out Flying Fish – my favourite Let’s Do Dessert of 2013.

Date Last Visited: 23/10/2014
Address: 21 Pirrama Rd Pyrmont, NSW 2009
Booking Required: Yes

I happen to have a review of Flying Fish’s food as well, which may be of interest to readers. That post also includes pictures of the restaurant and the views it offers – Pirrama is a beautiful location, after all.

Flying Fish Let's Do Dessert

It begins with this

After a ten minute wait, our dessert is plated. At the moment, it looks like it’s missing something. Negative plating isn’t something I’m quite used to yet, so I’m expecting a bit more.

Flying Fish Let's Do Dessert

Then in comes the strawberry gazpacho

And of course, they deliver.

I’m not going to mince words here – this is a fantastic dessert, and likely the best of all Let’s Do Desserts of 2014. Flying Fish has pulled a hat trick.

I know I say this without qualification, as I have only been to one other so far (post coming up tomorrow!), but I’m willing to bet on this.

Like last year’s creation by Flying Fish, this year’s focuses once more on the interplay of various textures and flavours. All elements need to be eaten at once, or else it all falls apart. Yes, it’s a dessert that has a ‘correct’ eating method.

I have never had mozzarella ice cream before, it tastes surprisingly refreshing. The sweetness isn’t overpowering, and it’s as smooth as it gets.

The strawberry gazpacho comes next, which brings on the tartness that I’ve come to expect of high-quality desserts. It isn’t overpowering, which is a good thing, because there is a lot of it. This gets mixed in with the ice cream, pushing all of my taste bud’s buttons. In the end, it was perhaps slightly too watery – perhaps one of only two (minor) criticisms of this dessert.

The olive oil cake provides a textural crunch of a crusty variety, while the herbs and cucumber add a juicier texture that’s almost like a sweet pickle. Strange, but works well.

Not done yet – there’s a light mozzarella cream which acts as a foil to mop it all up. This element was a bit weaker as it didn’t add much, but it did pretty up the dish with yet another swirl of white.

Flying Fish Let's Do Dessert

To get this: strawberry gazpacho, crunchy olive oil cake, mozzarella ice-cream and herbs.

Mildly speaking, I liked this dessert so much I had it twice. No joke.

After avidly researching the other Let’s Do Desserts of 2014, I will be very surprised if one of them beats this one – for a palate like mine. I’m looking forward to finding out 🙂

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

9/10 Caesars

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15 comments on “Flying Fish | Let’s Do Dessert”

  1. Next Stop: Food Reply

    Mozzarella ice cream!? It’s like 2 of my favourite things put together 🙂 I really should try out Flying Fish one day!

  2. milkteaxx Reply

    i think we have serious cases if ifat-itis going around! i have never beeen to flying fish despite everyone tellign me how good it is. i think i need to change that!

  3. Ramen Raff Reply

    Dayum! That dessert looks “off the hook!”. Get it? Coz you know, flying fish and that dessert does looks amaze 😛 Ooh and mozzarella ice cream?? Next level!

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