Eat Art Truck – Meals On Wheels (yeah I went there)

Unfortunately, due to my work life, chasing down food trucks is an exceedingly difficult thing to do. The only time they’re within reasonable travel distance is when they happen to stop off at Customs House or the Circular Quay wharf. Unfortunately, many sessions are night sessions from 5-9pm. I often have made other plans long beforehand, so that I rarely get the chance.

Luckily for me though, I have had the chance to sample Sydney’s supposed best food truck – Eat Art Truck, twice and so I’m able to share my thoughts on this mobile purveyor of fine edible goods.

And it does not disappoint.

Date Visited: 4/10/2012
Address: Various, usually around Barangaroo
Go-to dish: pulled pork bun w/mustard cabbage

Coincidentally (?), Eat Art Truck, when read as an acronym, spells out EAT. That’s nice and convenient 😛

EAT’s headed by an ex sous-chef (second highest rank after head chef – 2IC) from Tetsuya’s – Stuart McGill. With that kind of culinary power, you could confidently elevate your expectations for this food truck up a bar or three. Then again, I haven’t only sampled Jaffe Jaffles, Cantina Mobil & Urban Pasta in the way of other food trucks, and not too much into their menus either. This opinion could change. Still, I have a good feeling about food trucks already. We took a good thing from Chicago alright!

Eat Art Truck

Eat Art Truck - kitchen

EAT’s artwork is refreshed periodically. I’ve heard it’s ever week, but this is something I can’t verify with my limited schedule. All I know is that on my two visits (months apart), it has indeed been different. It’s certainly the most…hipster truck out there, but I would say the Veggie Patch Van, from pictures, beats it in outlandishness (in a good way).

Okay, we’re all getting hungry now, onto the food!

Eat Art Truck - pulled pork bun

EAT’s famous pulled pork bun w/mustard cabbage

Here it is. EAT’s famous, famous pulled pork bun w/mustard cabbage. You can choose to have it with either hot sauce or a sweet BBQ sauce. I’ve had it with both (above is with the hot sauce, below BBQ) and they’re both fantastic. What makes this bun win is the generous amount and quality of the meat within. I’m super fond of pulled meats (especially pulled beef), so that’s already a great tick in my box. The pork is succulent about all else, and is rich in its natural porky aroma.

Top it off with a yum brioche-style bun, and generous (maybe too much) amounts of sauce, with mustard cabbage for texture and you have one of the best buns out there. Restaurant, or food truck.

The one thing I would change about this bun – the sauce can be so plentiful that it does get in the way of the rest of the ingredients, and prevents them from strutting their stuff. I don’t often say “too rich” as I generally go by “the richer the better!” but this is somewhat over that line. It’s a near perfect bun – save for the sauce flood! Because of this, it’s not the kind of thing you’d order all the time.

Eat Art Truck

Eat Art Truck - shichimi chicken wings

shichimi chicken wings

As a lover of spice, I love shichimi peppers. They go well on almost everything, and indeed I use them on almost anything if I get a shaker of the stuff. The chicken wings dusted liberally in shichimi spices thus become a natural go-to for me.

The mayo is not overdone (thank goodness), and adds an element of creaminess that would otherwise leave the chicken too dry. The chicken themselves are done quite well – a bit too oily, but otherwise delicious flavour and crispy texture. These are definitely not healthy, but then again nobody eats fried chicken with that thought dominating.

Don’t kid yourself, get these wings.

Eat Art Truck

Eat Art Truck - bbq brisket & kimchi slaw roll

bbq brisket & kimchi slaw pork roll

Last on the menu is the kimchi slaw pork roll w/bbq brisket. This is actually delicious – I’d probably order this more often than the pulled pork bun (as long as the latter is still flooded with sauce). I love the spice mix here – the pickled chilli taste of the kimchi and the additional chillis complements very nicely to the meat, and the net effect is almost like the pulled pork bun with a different spicy tang base, and with a lot less sauce.

I wish that were permanently on the menu…

These food trucks had better stay – they’re doing wonders for Sydney’s culinary scene!

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

The Good: great food, food truck system is awesome

What could use improvement: less sauce and oiliness, obtaining parking at new locations (Martin Place *hint hint* would be nice (if possible)

I give Eat Art Truck a grand total of eight Caesars out of ten – 8/10

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