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In the end, despite all the fancy dinners and whatnot, brunch is best. The atmosphere is relaxed, and unlike dinner, which is usually after a hard day of work, brunch is more like the tasty start to a fantastic day. It has to be – as you can only have brunch on the weekends (assuming you’ve a full time work life), and thus the food just tastes so much better.

Well, not really, brunch cafés simply make great food in the first place, and nothing beats brunching with The Lady on a lazy Saturday morning.

Admittedly, we actually wanted to hit up Revolver Restaurant [review pending] first, but as it was closed for some reason or another, we hit up BSB instead. As it turned out, no regrets!

Date Visited: 5/1/2013
Address: 127 Booth Street Annandale, NSW 2038
Go-to dish: Suckling Pig Hash, roasted potato with capsicum, onion, shallots, poached egg and toasted sourdough

Wow, go me, for putting my 2012 watermark on pictures taken in 2013. Fail Shen, fail. Extra fail when I deleted the originals so I can’t redo them. *hits head*

Booth St Bistro - menu

Wow! Check out that LoCA!

Booth St Bistro - bar area

I’ll have a lager in the morning, thanks

The interior is the usual really, smallish tables that seat a max of 4 pepper around the place, with an alfresco element outside to boot. We opted to sit inside…for some reason. Wow I really cannot recall. Oh well.

The atmosphere is quite chill and relaxed, as one would expect on a weekend. It’s great when you don’t have to make your own breakfast and wake up too late to call it breakfast anyway 😀

Booth St Bistro - buttermilk pancakes

Butter Milk Pancakes & maple syrup with fresh banana and honey comb butter

The Lady ordered the buttermilk pancakes chock full of sweet goodness. I swear, she always orders pancakes or hotcakes or anything similar. The same thing happened at Bills and Lumiere Café. Can’t say no to sugar!

These pancakes were quite good, though extremely large, where the syrup has essentially soaked in and makes a soggy mess of the whole thing. I don’t really mind it too much, as I deliberately try to create this anyway if it wasn’t like that in the first place. The taste is on the mark though, with a delicious honeycomb butter rounding it out making it feel like you’re eating one of the most guiltily sugary and carby things ever. That’s really what you’re looking for, right?

Booth St Bistro - raisin toast

raisin toast

I ordered something that wasn’t 124% carbs, so I felt like I needed to top up on it before I start on my main; so I ordered a side of raisin toast. It’s pretty much on the mark – not burnt, and very crunchy and toasty. Very sweet and filling. Mmmm, stomach has been primed!

Booth St Bistro - suckling pig hash

Suckling Pig Hash, roasted potato with capsicum, onion, shallots, poached egg and toasted sourdough

This was delicious, it had a bit of everything. Bite-sized chunks of succulent pork belly, an excellently poached egg, plenty of onion relish and potatoes so soft I could make mash out of it.

Booth St Bistro - suckling pig hash

Dare I say I found a perfect hangover breakfast? Yes, I’d say so. And I don’t even need a hangover to enjoy this.

One very plausible and enjoyable way to eat this would be to use the sourdough to make a sandwich out of the whole thing. It’s gonna be hard to eat, but boy, imagine the fusion of the flavours. It’s mouth-watering, to say the least.

Booth St Bistro - suckling pig hash

As seen in the cover pic, I also ended up getting a single origin roasters flat white. I’m not a coffee expert, so it may not mean much when I say I really enjoyed it. Simple pleasures though 🙂

I haven’t brunched like this in awhile, I desperately need to find the time to do it more often.

As usual, feel free to leave a comment or three 😀

The Good: simple but great food

What could be improved: pancakes should arrive non soggy

I give Booth St Bistro a grand total of eight and a half Caesars out of ten – 8.5/10

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