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ACME Cover

ACME Restaurant | Rushcutters Bay

There’s an outbreak happening in Rushcutters Bay and fortunately it’s that of ACME, not acne. Think non-conformist, feel good rockstar pan-Asian/Italian fusion and you’re on the right track. Now, they even do brunch – and there’s not a smashed avo on toast in sight. Welcome to ACME, I think you’ll like it here.

Date Last Visited: 18/2/2017 (brunch) / 17/10/2015 (lunch a la carte)
Address: 56 Bayswater Rd, Potts Point, Sydney, NSW
Recommended Dish(es): baloney sandwiches, black garlic linguine, pig’s head macaroni


Impromptu Dining Cover

Impromptu Dining | Potts Point

The struggle of aimlessly drifting along mazes supermarkets call “aisles”; struggling to absorb impenetrable food label jargon; eyeing down that seemingly tempting $7.5 for 3 bunch of Asian veg yet refusing to admit that half of it will spoil. And then there’s the act of cooking itself – what a BOTHER. Wouldn’t it be nice to throw caution to the wind, clear your mind, and take yourself to Impromptu Dining where everything’s taken care for you?


Fred's, Paddington

Merivale’s Fred’s | Paddington

Ethical eating. Sustainable agriculture. Farm to Table. Concepts with which we are all intimately familiar. This is not a fugacious trend, these concepts cannot be reduced to a set of transient hashtags. Merivale and Danielle Alvarez know this – taking two years to shape the embodiment of these values into one of the hospitality group’s biggest projects yet – Fred’s.


Guillaume Cover

Guillaume | Paddington

Guillaume Brahimi is a French giant in Sydney – both in real life, and in his eponymous restaurant which, for many years, has been a French institution at the Sydney Opera House. They say that you can’t miss what you’ve never had – I beg to differ.

See, I never got the chance to visit “Sydney’s best French restaurant” during its stint at our most famous landmark. The chance escaped me – Guillaume at the Opera House closed its doors in 2013. I missed out on what surely must have been wonderful food, set in an iconic location and complemented by world-class service. I missed what I never had – until now.

Date Last Visited: 30/07/2016
Address: 92 Hargrave Street, Paddington, Sydney, NSW


Ms.G's Cover

Ms.G’s | Potts Point

Dan Hong and Paul Donnelly are constantly on a mission to break the mould. You know they’ve succeeded when you can’t encapsulate the kind of food that comes out of the kitchen at Ms.G’s. Asian? Well yes, but that’s broad. Vietnamese? Getting closer, for sure. But go to Vietnam and try and find me a banh mi burger or cheeseburger spring rolls.

The food at Ms.G’s isn’t that normal after all, is it? I first visited three years ago, and at the time decided that it’s one of those restaurants that are well-worth a return. I just didn’t expect it to take three years to get there. Well, here we are!

Date Last Visited: 24/2/2016
Address: 155 Victoria Street Potts Point, NSW
Recommended Dish(es): mini banh mi, sweet & sour ribs; The BOSS


Messina Dessert Bar Cover

Gelato Messina Dessert Degustation

It’s time to talk about Gelato Messina.

Specifically, what the creative minds behind Sydney’s greatest name in gelato have in store at their new fit-out in Darlinghurst. But this isn’t anything like the Messina you’re intimately familiar with. No, this is something else entirely: 7 courses of painstakingly-crafted desserts, with matched non-alcoholic drinks that spans a near 2 hour sitting. Price? A cool $130. It’s a lot to pay, but I’m going to convince you that it’s worth every last dollar.

Welcome to Messina’s newest and flashiest halo product: the Creative Department’s Dessert Bar Degustation!

Date Last Visited: 21/4/2016
Address: 243 Victoria Street,Darlinghurst, Sydney

Lazy Suzie Cover

Lucky Suzie | Darlinghurst

When chef Zacharay Tan of Devon Cafe & Devon on Danks fame announces that he’s opening up yet another venture amongst the milieu of Sydney’s cafes, even the laziest Suzies among us – particularly a walrus such as I, will come to attention. You see, despite Sydney’s propensity to go over the top for just about anything these days, there is still clearly ample room for talented individuals to leave their mark.

In this case, we’re talking about scorching wok marks, and perhaps a case of purple tongue.

Welcome to Lazy Suzie, a hawker food centre-cum-in vogue cafe, smack bang in Darlinghurst’s hub of what’s what to eat. Don’t expect to find avocado on toast here – you’ve been warned.

Date Last Visited: 17/4/2016
Address: 78 Stanley Street,Darlinghurst, Sydney
Recommended Dish(es): Auntie Jenny’s roti, Pie Tee, CKT (if you can swallow the price), the ABC


The Paddington Cover

Merivale’s The Paddington | Paddington

Any chef within Merivale’s environment is already a name to be talked about amongst Sydney’s food enthusiast circles, that much is for sure. But Ben Greeno resounds louder than most – the man behind the (then) three-hatted Momofuku Seiobo, he is commonly described as one of Australia’s best chefs.

It would be expected that a man of such talent would strive for greater heights with each career change, perhaps one day taking to the world stage. Instead, off he went to Merivale, to work at The Paddington – a pub. Well, that’s a bit of a plot twist.

Date Last Visited: 26/12/2015
Address: 380 Oxford Street,Paddington, Sydney, NSW
Recommended Dish(es): the chiggen


Trio Cover

Trio Cafe | Bondi Beach

Who would have ever heard about making a booking at a cafe? Either the place is the height of pretension, or it’s popular enough that such a system becomes the necessary evil that it is.

In the end, it’s simple supply and demand. Yeah, Trio cafe in summer is that popular.

Being the occasional cafe explorer, it would only make sense for me (well, The Lady) to plop our reservation details down and get the ball rolling. Don’t fret – not every table is reserved for bookings, you can rock up and try your luck the old-fashioned way. What’s all the fuss about? No idea! That’s why we went!

Date Last Visited: 22/9/2013
Address: 56 Campbell Pde Bondi Beach, NSW 2026
Recommended Dish(es): breakfast tasting plate