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Mama’s Buoi | Surry Hills

Let’s begin this post with a fact so rooted in Sydney’s food scene that it is essentially axiomatic – the best Vietnamese food you can find in Sydney is undoubtedly in the West, particularly Cabramatta and Bankstown.

But…what if a trek to the West is a bit too far for you? Most people aren’t foodies, and wouldn’t bother trekking 20km+ just to scoff down a bowl of pho, especially if there’s already a “good enough” place nearby.

Enter Mama’s Buoi, a Vietnamese restaurant in Surry Hills, only a five minute walk from Central station. Now I was talking about “good enough” Vietnamese earlier, but this joint – I dare say – can pull punches with the stars of Sydney’s West.

Date Last Visited: 20/11/14
Address: 116 Devonshire St Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Recommended Dish(es):

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Bowery Lane | Sydney CBD

It was the burger. I swear, it was the burger. Jack’s cheese, bois boudrin marinade, that beef… This time, I was as been as a keen to the point where I visited before the blogger invitation. That’s right Wasamedia, I beat you guys!


What made this second sponsored visit to Bowery Lane extra exciting was that I get to try virtually everything else on the menu. Get excited, people.

Let’s just say I didn’t go home that night hungry. Is there a bigger understatement?

Date Last Visited: 26/11/14
Address: 1 O’Connell St Sydney, NSW 2000
Recommended Dish(es): NYC Cheeseburger, house smoked salmon, 

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Burger Liquor Lobster | The London, Paddington

If I had to take a random sample of my favourite eating experiences, fine dining may only make up one or two numbers. Sometimes, the food is only the pre-requisite. These times, it’s the company that seals the deal. Food’s ability to bring people together is unparalleled.

Naturally, when one talks about great company, we’re talking about the illustrious Isaac from iFat (I know, aren’t you guys sick of him yet?), and also meeting for the first time Samantha from Will Be. A new trilogy has begun, and I promise it will be better than Star Wars eps 1-3. Well, I’ll try anyway.

Sure, the company’s sorted, but what about the food? When we heard that The London Hotel in Paddington is hosting a pop-up restaurant by the name of Burger Liquor Lobster; well…let’s just say we were already sold on the name.

Date Last Visited: 22/11/14
Address: London Hotel, 85 Underwood St Paddington, NSW 2021Recommended Dish(es): lobster roll, lobster basket

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Pei Modern | Four Seasons Sydney

When I visited Marque Restaurant in 2012, I realised why Mark Best is almost as much of a household name as Neil Perry. While I wasn’t fully entranced by the degustation there, I acknowledged that the food very much pushes the envelope, even if sometimes the “experiments” didn’t work.

Though Marque may be out of reach for some (financially or otherwise), Mark Best has always had a more accessible ace up his sleeve – Pei Modern. A cheaper, more down-to-earth Modern Australian bistro that’s much more relatable to the average, but still discerning diner.

There was a problem for Sydneysiders: Pei Modern only existed in Melbourne. Awkward. Well, that was the case, until October 2014. Read on…

Date Last Visited: 17/11/14
Address: Four Seasons Hotel – 199 George St Sydney, NSW 2000
Recommended Dish(es): holmbrae chicken, the desserts

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Burger Bro? | Sydney CBD

Burgers. Burgers. Burgers. They never really go out of fashion, do they? Right now, they’re definitely on something of a hot streak, as if  the Aussie obsession with burgers could blossom even more. Even fine dining celebrities like Neil Perry begin to encroach onto the fast food burger space.

Should we be surprised? Not really – a burger is almost everything to everyone. Delicious carbs, fatty cheeses and meat, a GI index so high, Felix Baumgartner would be looking up to see a burger in the sky. Burgers are literally designed to hammer at our pleasure centres. As such, you will find it hard-pressed to find a bigger argument starter than “which joint has the best burgers?” But sometimes, it pays dividends to simply stop trying to convince everyone else your local is the best, and instead, how about just having a burger, bro?

And that’s how you explain a burger joint going by the name “Burger Bro?” (question mark included). You know my answer is always going to be “yes”. Warning: lots of burger content ahead!

Date Last Visited: 6/11/2014
Address: 53 Martin Pl Sydney, NSW 2000
Recommended Dish(es): Beached Az Burger, The Muss

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Gelato Messina Dessert Bar | Darlinghurst

When household name Gelato Messina announced its intentions to open up a DIY dessert bar, I may have lost my marbles. This was the same month that saw Cow and the Moon take the title of World’s Best Gelato, so it really was a fantastic month to be a Sydneysider.

Opening up in the now deprecated Messina Creative Department, the dessert bar allows you to choose your own gelato base(s), and spruik it up with any number of toppings you desire (70c per topping). The result is a creation – or failure – to call your own.

Furthermore, they intend to mix up the flavours and available toppings every once in awhile to keep things interesting. Perhaps this is the secret to success – variety is the spice of life, after all. One man can only eat so much, so I recruited the iFat to once again, shoulder my sweet, sweet burdens.

Date Last Visited: 15/2/2014
Recommended Dish(es): DIY if you know what you’re doing, otherwise, the Pavlova-Kona & I Dough Know are pretty good

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Rockpool | Sydney CBD

If you told me in 2013, that you could get a 3-course meal at one of Sydney’s top-tier, three-hatted restaurants for a mere $79, I would have laughed in your face, realised how offensive I was, contained myself to avoid offending you, but then sneak out a few more giggles because it’s just that unbelievable.

Well, this would be one of those times where I don’t mind giving you the last laugh. Indeed, Neil Perry, of Rockpool fame has, in an effort to corral more of the burgeoning and lucrative lunch trade, has begun offering a three-course lunch menu for just $79. Two courses run you $69, while one, $52. You know where the value is ladies and gentlemen, get on it.

Further to this, Rockpool is no longer at the Rocks, having moved to the more CBD-friendly Bridge St, taking over what used to be Steerson’s Steakhouse. When we’re talking about one of Sydney’s best restaurants serving up sub-$100 fare at a location I can briskly walk to, it was no question that lunch, is indeed served.

Date Last Visited: 30/5/14
Address: 11 Bridge Street Sydney, NSW 2000
Recommended Dish(es): rangers valley rib eye, chirashi zushi

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Devon on Danks | Waterloo

There’s a  commonly-held belief that you shouldn’t have too much of something you love, lest you fall into the trap of routine. Solid advice, except with more than eight visits to Devon Cafe (and three posts –  uno, deux, trois), I clearly have not taken that advice to heart.

While I’ve had a bit of a roller coaster relationship with SMH’s Best Food Cafe (Devon By Night, I’m looking at you), I’ve always had a soft spot for their daytime menu – their perfectly poached eggs, exquisite salmon, the most beautiful blini I’ve ever seen…it’s the kind of food that I just don’t get to eat in other cafes. A repeat customer? For sure.

So when the announcement came that the cafe which is such a large part of my food adventures over the last year, is opening a second, bigger branch known as Devon on Danks…well, I was there so fast, The Flash would have been left spinning. Spoilers: it’s worth it.

Date Last Visited: 6/12/14
Address: 2 Danks St Waterloo, NSW 2017
Recommended Dish(es): little lost bread, Dr Seuss’ green eggs and ham, naked bruschetta, sundae (any variant)

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Izakaya Den | Melbourne

The English language is a big fan of appropriating foreign words. It’s obvious with French, but Japanese is also a language for which loanwords are common.

One that has seen a bit of a usage increase is “izakaya”, a term decribing a Japanese-style bar that serves food to boot. A Japanese pub, essentially. In Japan, izakayas are frequent haunts of Japanese businessmen when they get off from a day at work.

And so it is here in Australia as well. One of Melbourne’s most famous examples of these Nippon staples is Izakaya Den. With an appropriate amount of hype surrounding the place, even by Melbourne standards, it was only a matter of time before a visit was due.

Date Last Visited: 29/11/13
Address: 114 Russell St Melbourne, VIC 3000
Recommended Dish(es): egg rolls, spicy tuna tataki, cone bay barramundi, miso pound cake

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Ormeggio at the Spit | Stressless Sunday Dinner

You don’t generally associate the terms “value for money” and “two-hatted fine dining restaurant” in the same sentence, unless it’s to say that you can’t find the former in an instance of the latter. Basic economics unfortunately dictate that with the fame, comes the restaurant’s ability to raise prices to whatever that limit the “sky” is supposed to be.

But two-hatted Italian restaurant Ormeggio at the Spit has taken a different approach. Sure, they still have their usual 3-digit degustations and a la carte offerings, but on Sundays, they offer what is quite possibly the cheapest meal offered by a hatted restaurant.

It’s called the “Stressless Sunday Dinner”: 69 dollars, 6 courses, Sunday nights only. Why worry about Monday when you can instead worry about what you’ll do with all the money you save from paying so little?

Date Last Visited: 16/11/2014
Address: D’Albora Marinas The Spit Spit RdMosman, NSW 2088
Recommended Dish(es): veal tonnato, tagliolini,  45C egg, carrot cake

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